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New Blackberry powered Porsche Design P’9981

I am loving this futuristic looking blackberry from RIM and Porsche Design, shame they couldn’t come up with better name than Porsche Design P’9981. Name aside, I love the forged stainless steel frame and hand-wrapped leather of the back not to mention its laser cut QWERTY keyboard. Not all critics see the Porsche Design P’9981 as I do; it has …

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New Jimmy Choo XV Book

Iconic luxury shoe and accessory brand Jimmy Choo is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary with a coffee table book appropriately named ‘Jimmy Choo XV Book’. The book is a compilation of the brand’s most recognizable shoe designs since its inception in 1996; it also contains studio design sketches, red carpet shots, behind the scenes fashion photography and past advertising campaigns. Introduction …

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New Kisai Seven Watch by Tokyoflash

Check out the latest timepiece from Tokyoflash, the Kisai Seven. It was designed by one of the company’s fan and created by UK designer Scott Galloway who drew inspiration from Tron. Kisai Seven has to be one of the coolest watches I have seen in a long time but telling the time on it seems a little bit complicated. The …

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2012 Lexus LFA Coming Soon

Can’t afford it? There’s no reason you can’t admire it from afar. The 2012 Lexus LFA is definitely the crown jewel in Japanese automaker’s new F portfolio. It has a 4.8L, 552 horse power V-10 engine encased in a muscular, carbon fibre body; it has no steel parts, instead all parts of the car is made of carbon fibre and …

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First Look: Collection Premiere Cartier

Cartier’s known for its sparkling jewellery but I love its eyewear collections; they always manage to channel a previous era giving it a retro feel. Collection Premiere Cartier has a 60’s look, is done up in platinum and golden or ruthenium finish and the frames in the collection comes in rectangular, butterfly and pantos shapes with a masculine flair. Canto-pop …

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New ABSOLUT Mode Edition

ABSOLUT is known for its collaborations with musicians, fashion designers and artists; the latest instalment is a collaboration with English fashion designer Gareth Pugh to launch ABSOLUT MODE EDITION. The ABSOLUT MODE EDITION bottle is inspired by Pugh’s signature silhouette; the bottle features 12 facets and is wrapped in a band with lush midnight blue silk cloth with text embroidery. …

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Salon du Chocolat Fashion Show

I guess we now know why the French have svelte and chic figures; they wear chocolate instead of eat it. Few weeks back, it was national chocolate week in the UK and boy did we indulge; there were tasting events up and down the country. In contrast, the world’s biggest fashion show dedicated to chocolate took place in Paris last …

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2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

It’s almost Christmas and I’m excited, not looking forward to the freezing weather and icy roads but the 2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book certainly puts a smile on my face. Last year, I said the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book was the best luxury gift guide in the world and I still stand by that claim; it is 140 pages of …

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Gold shoe laces for $19,000

Looking to invest in something? I guess gold shoelaces will do besides who wants to invest in gold bars that will be kept in a safe when you can have your investment as shoelaces you can look at all the time. After all when you fall on hard times you can just untie your trainers, melt the laces and you …

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New MotoACTV from Motorola

This is for all the fitness fanatics out there, a ‘smart watch’ that plays music and keeps track of your various fitness vitals. I guess a fitness gadget that that keeps track of your workout is nothing new but the MotoACTV from Motorola is quite sleek, it has a heart rate monitor in the headphones, a GPS which keeps track …

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