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Review: Chew, Soho

I’m a bubble beverage convert! Last night I tagged along to a friend and fellow writer’s visit to Chew and I was glad did. Chew is a new bubble beverage store which opened just three weeks ago in Soho. It was my first encounter with bubble teas or coffees and I enjoyed every minute of the experience. There were explosive …

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Review: Simply Ice Cream

Simply the best? A bit weird talking about ice-cream in winter I know. but what can I say, I’ve become attached to simply ice cream! 3 reasons why? One, the taste; it’s delicious and so full of flavour and unlike most ice creams, you still get the full rich flavour regardless of how long it has been in the freezer. …

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Review: Nature’s Path Nice and Nobbly Gluten Free Granola

Starting the day right: I have been drinking white smoothies for breakfast ever since I tried the Body Reset Diet but a few weeks ago I decided to try something new; Nice & Nobbly gluten free granola from Nature’s Path. I took to it like a duck to water because it was just so simple to make. All that is needed …

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Review: Saint Premium Lager

New low carb British Lager with no sugar. I recently came across a new low carb, no sugar larger on the market called Saint. I know I sometimes go on a bit about beers having recently written about the 0 calorie, beer flavoured drink Equator that foamed and tasted like actual beer, but there really are times when only a nice …

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Review: Dr Zak’s High Protein Bread

I did a skip and a dance when I received my Dr Zak’s high protein bread through the post a few days ago. I had very high expectations for this bread because high protein means less carbs thus eliminating worries about putting on weight, right? Hold on to that thought. As I took it out of its delivery box, it …

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Review: Little Devil Strawberries

Strawberries just got a lot more interesting: There’s a new snack in town, it bothers on sinful and tastes oh so divine but there’s enough goodness in there to appease the health conscious Last week I got wind of Little Devil, a snack brand that makes quirky dessert pots. Little Devil is basically pots of strawberries and chocolate dipping sauce …

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Review: Flour Power City Bakery

Embracing Good Carbs. I love baked goods, especially bread but like most people I try to limit my intake thanks to the whole ‘too much carbs equals weight gain thing’ and whenever I fall off the wagon, I make sure it’s with wholemeal. In fact, I’ve been very good in the carbs department this year. I’ve been eating more fruits, …

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Carpo London

Visit to a Snack Emporium. I recently discovered that Carpo, a newly opened nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and coffee store in the heart of London is the place for high quality snacks. Located in the middle of Piccadilly Circus, Carpo is definitely different from the average store found at such a location but strangely enough, it fits right in and …

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Review: Zen Zen Coconut Ice Cream

Healthy Coconut Dessert: I know it’s not exactly sunny but technically it is summer and let’s face it, sometimes you just want a treat so it’s no surprise I have ice cream on my mind. But like most people trying to live a healthy lifestyle, I like my treats but I want healthy treats that will satisfy my sweet tooth …

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Review: Sorelle and Equator

Low calorie drinks for a guilt free summer. With round the clock barbecues and picnics, trying to be good health wise during the summer can be extremely difficult. Alcohol is usually the main culprit that gets people, which is why finding a healthy option to wine and beer couldn’t have come at a better time. This summer, low calorie drinks like …

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