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Body Reset Diaries: Day 2

Body Rest Diet Day 2: Day two has been much easier than day one; not only because I knew what to expect but also because I finally got my hands on some snacks. I didn’t feel hunger on day one but my mouth and throat had been very dry. I was working away from home on day two so after …

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Dance yourself to fitness with a street dance workout

Fitness First Dance Class Review: It’s that time of year when everyone’s trying to get in shape for the summer so when my old gym, Fitness First introduced a new timetable which included new street dance classes, I decided to try it out. According to Fitness First, the class was created exclusively by internationally acclaimed street dance troupe and Britain’s …

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Body Rest Diaries: Day 1

Phase 1 of smoothie diet.   Current weight – 14stone Target weight – 10 stone I decided to start on a weekend so I can get used to it before I venture into a work week. Initial thoughts: I’m worried about the taste of the smoothies – I’m not so bothered about the fruit smoothies but I’m apprehensive about downing …

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The Body Reset Diet

The Body Reset diet has been creating a lot of buzz since the book came out, with Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox among its celebrity following so when I was asked to review it, I jumped at the chance. The review will be practical – I’ll be doing the Body Reset Diet and giving a daily update through The Body …

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Oral Health – Going back to Basics.

Oral health brands for a healthy smile: Our smiles, like our hair is one of the first things people notice about us, a beautiful smile is so important to our personalities and self-confidence. While the tips for maintaining general oral health haven’t changed, a recent survey suggests the number of people putting it into practice have declined. For as long …

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Dealing with Insomnia

Insomnia: How to get a good night’s sleep. Insomnia is uncomfortable and a pain to live with but unfortunately, most people do get some form of insomnia at a point in their lives with women being the most vulnerable. It’s difficult to define what normal sleep is as everyone is different but factors such as age, lifestyle, environment and diet …

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Home Workouts Equipment Review

Home workouts equipment to get you in shape. Not a big fan of the gym? You are not the only one, and the good news is you don’t have to go to the gym to get into shape. Besides recent studies have shown that as little as ten minutes of exercise each day may be all we need to keep …

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Fitness Gadget Review: Scosche Rhythm

How the Scosche Rhythm aids fitness. The Scosche Rhythm is a lightweight, pulse and heart monitor that allows users to manage pulse, calories burned, distance, speed and pace. The idea behind this fitness gadget is that once you know exactly how hard you are working out or how many calories you are burning; you can adjust your fitness plan accordingly …

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Six reasons to eat a mushroom rich diet.

Mushroom diet for weight loss. New diet plan introduced this week, the ‘M-Plan’ emphasises why eating a mushroom rich diet is important in the battle against the bulge. The ‘M-Plan’ enables women to lose weight from problem areas like tums, bums, thighs and upper arms. By eating more mushrooms, it’s likely that less high calorie foods will be consumed throughout …

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5 ways to keep fit at work.

How to keep fit at work When you have a busy working day and want to maintain an active social life, keeping fit and staying in shape can get pushed down the priority list. While exercise can seem time-consuming, Michael Cheary at reed.co.uk offers some tips on how to fit in some all-important physical activity around your working day. Maintaining …

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