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New Beauty Find: Know Cosmetics No Thin Lips™ – Secret Lip Plumper

So this is a new one for me, I’m not familiar with Know Cosmetics but I’ve heard their No Thin Lips™ – Secret Lip Plumper is taking America by storm.

And I get it, we all want fuller, plumper lips and hey if we can get it without needles, then even better.
I heard Know Cosmetics was entering the UK market and its first stop is John Bell & Croyden so I was there to get my hands on the No Thin Lips™ – Secret Lip Plumper. Know Cosmetics have other products but I was more interested in No Thin Lips™ – Secret Lip Plumper so that’s my focus today.

  Can be worn alone or with your favourite lip colour

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary lip oil but it contains Rapid Plump Complex, a blend of sensory ingredients and menthol that creates a cooling sensation and supports blood flow to the lips. It also contains aloe extract and vitamin E to keep lips moisturised and hydrated.

When applied, the cooling active formulation instantly stimulate the lips causing a tingling, sensorial sensation that varies with the wearer and their individual skin sensitivities and chemistry. The result is a fuller, voluminous-looking lip look.

The No Thin Lips™ – Secret Lip Plumper is an interesting one, but works at least for a few hours when applied so if you’re on the hunt for  full, plump lips look, give it a try. It’s not too pricey, just £15 and available here.

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