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Six reasons to eat a mushroom rich diet.

Mushroom diet for weight loss.


New diet plan introduced this week, the ‘M-Plan’ emphasises why eating a mushroom rich diet is important in the battle against the bulge.

The ‘M-Plan’ enables women to lose weight from problem areas like tums, bums, thighs and upper arms. By eating more mushrooms, it’s likely that less high calorie foods will be consumed throughout the day over all because of the vegetable’s powerful nutritional values.

The M-Plan is based on one simple rule – replace just one regular lunchtime snack or dinner with a mushroom inspired dish to lose weight from stubborn areas over a 14-day period. Not a big fan of mushrooms?

Here are six reasons to have a mushroom rich diet:

-The dietary fibre in mushrooms helps promote good bowel function leaving you feeling more satisfied, so you won’t get hungry quickly, preventing you from snacking.

-Mushrooms are extremely rich in protein – an ideal nutritional food source yet low in calories which is important where weight loss is considered.

-Not only does a mushroom rich diet help with weight loss, the super vegetable can also help improve your looks given that they are high in B vitamins, iron and zinc, all of which are needed to make your skin, hair and nails strong, healthy and shiny.

– Mushrooms are nutritional superstars, especially now that scientists have discovered their disease-fighting attributes include fighting cancer, stabilising blood sugar, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

– They contain Ergothioneine, a naturally occurring antioxidant that helps to protect body cells.

– Mushrooms are low in Calories, they contain only 100 cal/oz, are low in fat and 9 to 10% is fibre. This makes them ideal for people who want to reduce weight.

Click here for healthy mushroom recipes.

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