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Blackberry Q10 gets gold treatment

BlackBerry Q10 with 24ct. gold bezel goes on sale   This is not the first time a mobile phone has got the bling makeover but this is a first for the Blackberry Q10. The new 24ct. gold phone is the brainchild of Goldgenie, a gold plating company that shot to fame when its founder Laban Roomes successfully appeared on the …

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Samsung unveils a Wi-Fi enabled washing machine

Everything including domestic appliances are so high tech these days meaning a WI-FI enabled washing machine is probably not considered truly revolutionary but being the first of its kind, this Samsung WF457 front loading washing machine caused a storm at the CES 2012. The Wi-Fi functionality of the Samsung WF457, will allow users to control the machine from anywhere within …

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New Limited Edition Vertu Signature Dragon Collection to celebrate Chinese New Year

What’s not to like about the Chinese New Year? There’s spectacular fireworks, food and colourful possessions but most importantly, it gives a chance to restart the year especially if your year hasn’t started according to plan. With the ‘Year of the Dragon’ just three weeks away, Vertu has made it even more special by unveiling new limited edition Dragon mobile …

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Amosu continues its Christmas Tradition with Gold iPhone 4S

Last Christmas, Amosu Couture gave us a 24 carat gold iPad with a Swarovski Apple logo and this year it presents this 24-carat gold iPhone 4S just in time of Christmas. This is one of the many gadgets the company customises to commemorate events throughout the year and this 24-carat gold iPhone 4S is the perfect gift this Christmas. It …

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Limited edition Legend of Zelda to celebrate 25th Anniversary

Gaming giant Nintendo is celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of its most popular games ‘The Legend of Zelda’ with a special limited edition gaming console decorated with gold artwork. Accompanying the exclusive set will be a special copy of the game ‘The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time 3D’, created specifically for this 3DS gaming console. It will certainly …

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New Blackberry powered Porsche Design P’9981

I am loving this futuristic looking blackberry from RIM and Porsche Design, shame they couldn’t come up with better name than Porsche Design P’9981. Name aside, I love the forged stainless steel frame and hand-wrapped leather of the back not to mention its laser cut QWERTY keyboard. Not all critics see the Porsche Design P’9981 as I do; it has …

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New MotoACTV from Motorola

This is for all the fitness fanatics out there, a ‘smart watch’ that plays music and keeps track of your various fitness vitals. I guess a fitness gadget that that keeps track of your workout is nothing new but the MotoACTV from Motorola is quite sleek, it has a heart rate monitor in the headphones, a GPS which keeps track …

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First Jill Sander Mobile Phone

Love all things Jill Sander? I’ve got great news for you; she just unveiled a new mobile phone! Ok it’s not exactly an original concept but it’s still exciting news for Jill Sander fans. The phone is a collaboration with LG Electronics and happens to be quite sleek looking. It runs on Windows® Phone 7.5 and comes with a Jill …

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Mobiado introduces the Grand 350 Aston Martin

In a world full of iPhones and BlackBerrys I have always been fascinated with Mobiado mobile phones not just because its price tag but also by the people who buy such luxury phones. Like its predecessors, this new Grand 350 Aston Martin from Mobiado’s Aston Martin collection has a body made from aircraft specification aluminium and anodized to produce an …

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The Samsung Galaxy Note

Not to be outdone in the smartphone department, Samsung have announced its new smartphone known as the ‘Galaxy Note’. The Galaxy Note lets users take handwritten notes with an S Pen and has a 5.3 inch screen which is the largest display screen compared to other smartphones on the market; it runs on the Android operating system. The Galaxy Note …

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