12 wines worth staying in for this Winter

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We’re well into winter now and there are usually two ways to enjoy the season; fully throw yourself into the many festive activities in the lead up to the holiday season or stay indoors to keep warm and cosy up.

Although with new coronavirus variants running rampant, there may not be a choice but to stay indoors again this year.

But it’s not all doom and gloom; a good bottle of wine has always had the ability to lift spirits and this year there’s plenty of high-quality wines available to choose from.

Red wines have traditionally ruled in winter months but this year, research shows it has competition from Rosés of all things.

But whatever your preference, the supermarkets have a great selection of winter wines for all tastes, and we’ve found 12 of the best that’ll make staying in worth it.

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Vila Real Rabelo 2017, The Coop – £6.75

Bold and full-bodied as you’d expect from a wine coming out of Douro, this Portuguese red pairs beautifully with cheeses and meats. And at £6 a bottle, it’s a bargain.

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Indomita Gran Reserva Carignan 2019, The Coop – £8.25

Fruity on the nose with a medium finish, this Carignan is easy drinking for cosy winter nights and is reasonably priced too.

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Chalkduster Zinfandel 2020, The Coop – £7.25

This Californian version of the Primitivo is easy to drink, fruity with less alcohol making it perfect for sipping in the winter months.

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Studio Blanc by Miraval 2019, The Coop – £12

For those who prefer a zingy glass of white wine on a cold winter night, this Studio Blanc from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Chateau in France is a great choice. It has refreshing notes of pear, green apples, tangy lime acidity, and a hint of almond on the finish.

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Pierre Jaurant French Fitou, Aldi – £5.49

A very enjoyable wine filled with aromas of lavender, raspberry, and plum. It’s warm and spicy – perfect for this time of year

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Mimo Moutinho Portuguese Dão, Aldi – £5.99

A clean and well-balanced wine that’s full of character from the less talked about Dão region in Portugal. Its fruity notes of blackberry, black cherry, and floral aromas with a hint of spice makes it perfect for a night in with a cheeseboard.

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Specially Selected French Roussanne, Aldi – £6.99

Another rich, fruity white wine with Honeydew melon and toasted notes. Delicious for sipping with loved ones on a cosy night in.

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Castellore Italian Grillo, Aldi -£5.99

An exceptional white wine from Aldi. It’s crisp and aromatic with citrus fruits including prickly pear and grapefruits, accompanied by delightful basil notes. Try it with white meat and creamy cheeses.

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Specially Selected Organic Rosé, Aldi – £6.99

Full of fresh summer fruits and refreshing, this organic Rosé from Chile’s Central Valley is perfect for summer but if you’re on the many Rosé lovers who drink it all year round, this one is a great choice for this time of year.

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Selene Rosso Puglia, Lidl – £7.49

If you prefer dry red wine then this seasonal addition to Lidl’s offering is the one for you. Full of dried cherry aromas, sip this smooth red wine in front of a cosy fire this winter or pair it with tomato rich dishes to fully realise its potential.

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Amarone della Valpolicella, Lidl – £13.99

Rich, bold, and full-bodied, this Amarone always released by Lidl this time of year is reasonably priced but rivals those found in more expensive outlets. Highly recommended if you’re a lover of Italian red wine. It’s perfect for festive gatherings and winter in general

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Graffigna, Sainsbury’s – £9

Already one of the most popular red wines in the UK, this full-bodied Malbec is the perfect wine to enjoy throughout the colder months. With notes of red berry beautifully balanced with hints of black pepper for a spicy kick, Graffigna is perfect for unwinding.

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