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Daily Archives: October 11, 2010

Space Beer, Vostok Launched

Vostok beer launched for space travellers. A few days ago I posted that Russian company Orbital Technologies plans to launch the first Space hotel, now an Australian company has launched the first space beer. Now you can imagine the questions going through my head;  will Vostok be available here on earth ? What do you make of the whole idea …

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New Kate Spade pop up store in London

New York handbag designer Kate Spade is launching her first London pop up shop in Covent Garden this coming Wednesday October 13th. The pop up shop will be located on Henrietta Street; it will be a two-floor boutique boasting four rooms decorated to look like a typical Kate Spade girl’s apartment. Drop by on Wednesday, you will not be disappointed …

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Ballantine Christmas Reserve-Ultimate Gift for Whisky Lovers

With Christmas just round the corner, most people have started making their Christmas shopping list. I mentioned Neiman Marcus ‘s 2010 Christmas Book which is the ultimate Christmas luxury shopping guide but if you are shopping for a whiskey lover, don’t forget this  Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve. The special blend packs yuletide aromas such as sweet wood, dried fruit and cinnamon, and …

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Esquire Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Have a look at Esquire “Ultimate Bachelor Pad” valued at $18.9M. Every year Esquire magazine takes a house, revamps it, uses it to host a variety of charity functions, publicises it as the “Ultimate Bachelor Pad” and then sells it.  This year’s “Ultimate Bachelor Pad”  is a 9,000-square-feet house with 11 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an infinity pool, two-story pool house, …

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Body organs can send status updates to your phone

We know that with technology, anything can happen. I’m actually waiting for the day when humans can transfer their thoughts into machines. Whilst we wait for that day, researchers at Dutch facility IMEC in the mean time have managed to make it possible for human body parts to send updates to a mobile phone; they managed this by converting IMEC’s ultra-low-power electrocardiogram …

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