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Daily Archives: March 16, 2011

Voila #NINE timepiece collection at Baselworld 2011

Voila has decided to show its hand first by giving a preview of its new timepiece collection called #NINE. The collection will be unveiled at Baselworld 2011 which next week  meaning get ready to be blown away by the world’s top brands who always reveal what they have been working on in the past year. #NINE is in celebration of Voila’s ninth …

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Check out the +YvesBéhar Simpicity Phone

 YvesBéhar Simplicity Phone is a phone manufactured with simplicity in mind and yes I can’t deny that it lacks all the many knobs other modern mobile phones possess. When I look at it, the keys remind me of the jewelled strap of a ladies timepiece, I think that is what sets it apart from other mobile phones. The YvesBéhar is …

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The $4m Baldacchino Supreme by Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes is back with another world’s most expensive item, first it was a phone then a music center and now it’s a bed. Want to feel like $4m, why not sleep in the $4m bed. Named the Baldacchino Supreme, the $4m bed is a collaboration between Stuart Hughes and F.lli Basile Interiors of Nocera Superiore Italy. So why is …

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