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Pea, Mint and Apple Smoothie Recipe

Smoothie recipe: Recipe of the day is this simple and delicious smoothie recipe of Pea, Mint and Apple courtesy of Steve’s Leaves. whether you need a quick refreshing drink or trying to lose a few pounds for the summer, this smoothie recipe is delicious, low in calories and nutritious so give it a try. Smoothie Recipe Ingredients: ½ pot Perfectly …

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Body Rest Diaries: Day 1

Phase 1 of smoothie diet.   Current weight – 14stone Target weight – 10 stone I decided to start on a weekend so I can get used to it before I venture into a work week. Initial thoughts: I’m worried about the taste of the smoothies – I’m not so bothered about the fruit smoothies but I’m apprehensive about downing …

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One Direction Launches Fragrance for Female Fans.

One Direction introduce ‘Our Moment’: One Direction unveiled its debut women’s fragrance in London at the top of The Gherkin – one the city’s most famous buildings last Thursday. Called ‘Our Moment’, the scent is named after “Moments,” a song that appeared on the group’s first album, “Up All Night.” The scent has been over a year in the making, …

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