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Recipe: Summer salad with feta and pickled cherries

I love sweet, salty and sour combinations; it really livens up a plate of food to have all the different flavours going on. Cherries are perfect for pickling. They have a sweet note that pairs perfectly with a simple red wine pickle. Throw them together with some melon, courgette and some salty feta for a surprisingly refreshing summer salad. Ingredients …

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Recipe: Crispy skinned duck breast

Crispy skinned duck breast with a cherry sauce and creamy spinach and polenta Duck à l’orange might be more the famous of the fruit and duck pairings, but cherries work even better. The trick with cooking fresh cherries is to retain some of their bite, so rather than stewing them in the sauce, add them in at the last minute …

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Fragrance Shop Discovery Club: 6th Edition

The sixth edition of the fantastic Discovery Club Box from the Fragrance shop is out now! I say fantastic because for just £5 a quarter (every three months), the box gives members of the Discovery Club, samples of the latest fragrance and a discount voucher booklet so they can buy their favourite fragrance £5 cheaper than everyone else in store. …

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Recipe: Roasted cherry and vanilla mousse millefeuille

The French classic dessert, millefeuille, literally meaning a thousand sheets, is a show stopping way to showcase seasonal cherries. The crisp layers of puff pastry combined with a light airy mousse contrasts well with the sweet tang of the cherries. The pastry and cherries can be prepared in advance leaving you just the mousse to whip up and plate. Makes …

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50th Prohibition Party

Last year, I wrote an article about the popularity of the roaring twenties in London’s social scene so I was very excited when I received an invitation to the popular Prohibition Party held every few months in the capital. Last Saturday was the 50th event and to celebrate, a party to rival that of the great Gatsby himself was held …

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