6 Simple Steps to Re-energise Your Home

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We’re well into spring so the time for spring cleaning may have come and gone but when it comes to re-energising your home, it can be done at any time.

After a year of Lockdowns, and spending more time in the house than ever before, it’s probably time to go further than just cleaning and give your home an energy re-boot… using 2021’s hottest principles. 

Because while our home décor is a reflection of who we are and what we like, similarly any negative energy in the home can reflect back on its occupants whether we realise it or not.

So using a mixture of Feng Shui, the practice of living in harmony with our environment, Marie Kondo’s Japanese art of tidying, and new wellbeing technology here are the top six ways to re-energise your home.

Kick start with a Kondo clear out

Marie Kondo advocates keeping only things that spark joy in order to feel lighter psychologically and spiritually. From a Feng Shui perspective, decluttering will also help positive energy flow through your home.

With life slowly starting to return to normal, it’s time to get on top of the clutter by throwing away everything that you don’t need.

The process of discarding these things will be cathartic enough, but you’ll also be amazed at how less chaotic and stressed you feel once you have a tidy living and working space.

Key items to focus on include:

  • The piles of paperwork and clutter that build up around the home – sort through these, file away what you need, and throw away what you don’t. You can switch to non-paper banking and many important documents such as insurance renewals are available online so you may not need paper versions.
  • Anything that’s broken and can’t be fixed – toys, ornaments, furniture, etc.
  • Old electricals, mobile phones, gadgets, and chargers – you can often trade these in online
  • Clothes that no longer fit or you no longer wear – be ruthless.  You can sell these online or take them to a charity shop.
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Begin with your bedroom

Often in mixed households, it can be difficult to control how tidy a house stays but your bedroom is a place where you can create your own sanctuary and a place to re-charge. Start by making your bed every morning which will set the tone for the day to help you start in a positive and organised way.

Your bedroom shouldn’t be cluttered and overcrowded, it should be a place to display your favourite things  – this can help provide additional protection from negative energy. Also, keep the room light and bright with soft fabrics; the belief is that your possessions absorb good energy and then share it with you while you sleep.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – spring cleaning

Harmonise the home

Designed to work alongside Feng Shui principles, energy tools like a spaceDOT can be helpful. It’s a room harmoniser, developed to rebalance energy, as well as realign any geopathic, historical, architectural, or emotional disturbances.

At its core is a low-powered magnet that has been programmed with resonant frequencies, to help lift any environment.  Simply attach a spaceDOT to an object in your home and it will work within a five meter radius to rebalance your space.

Also if you have a lot of laptops, tablets, consoles and mobile phones  on your home, you could be experiencing an energetic disturbance emitted by wireless radiation. Adding a SmartDOT to devices will return frequencies to their source.

Benefit from biophilia 

Introducing more house plants into your living space will not only freshen up your interior, there are also lots of proven wellbeing, productivity and physical health benefits. Also, having something to care for and nourish can be uplifting and have a positive knock-on effect on the energy in your home. When choosing new plants, opt for plants that bring or increase the positive energy in your living space such as Orchids, Jasmine, Bamboo, Money Plants, Peace Lilies, Sage and Aloe Vera, to name a few.

Use mood enhancing colours

Natural light is a huge energy and mood booster and can improve how your living space makes you feel. Make sure that you open blinds and curtains every day to let in as much natural light as possible, and think about how you can add more light.

Other mood enhancing colours you can add into your home include Yellow which is uplifting, pink which sparks joy and green for great energy.

Welcome positivity in 

Our front doors, hallways and front gardens are really key when it comes to Feng Shui and applying these principles makes a lot of sense.

According to Feng Shui, your front garden represents your future so it should be kept beautiful, well maintained and tidy. Your front door represents wealth so it should be in good condition and your hallway is crucial for letting energy flow through your house so it should be kept clutter free.

As we take steps towards returning to normal life, re-balancing and re-energising your home can make a huge difference in how your feel emotionally and physically. Making now the perfect time to make these positive changes.

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