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Beauty Review: Glowing skin with Skinkissed™ Vitamin C Serum

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – skincare review

I’ve just added a new serum to my collection, this Skinkissed Serum. It caught my attention on social media because it was getting so many rave reviews, I decided to see what the fuss is all about.

One eye catching thing about this Skinkissed is that it has three active ingredients while most serums have just the one. And I must admit I love multi-tasking skincare.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – skincare review

This one is a Vitamin C Serum which fights signs of ageing and brightens skin, but also has Hyaluronic Acid which holds water in the skin and keeps it hydrated and Collagen which keeps the skin structure tight. Some very powerful active ingredients there that leads to clear and radiant skin.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – skincare review

I’ve been using Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum for about ten days now, and so far it’s been great. I use it after cleansing and toning – applying to a clean skin enables the active ingredients to penetrate the skin, and then I lock it in with a moisturiser.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – skincare review

Although this serum can be used as a primer and base without a moisturiser, I just prefer to lock in my serums and not expose them to the elements of the environment. I just believe they are more effective that way.

The serum itself is light, and a few drops (5-10) will do the trick, it’s enough for the face and décolletage. It’s not oily as it has no oil just natural active ingredients which is a good thing – there’s no chance of the pores being clogged causing breakouts.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – skincare review

It absorbs very quickly into the skin and it does immediately feels soft and smooth. As I don’t have any wrinkles, my use of serums is a preventative measure but Skinkissed does so much more thanks to its triple ingredients working in perfect harmony. It helps clear the skin from acne, it plums and hydrates dry and dull skin, it fights wrinkles, fine lines & blemishes; and gives youthful radiant skin with continuous use of course.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – skincare review

It’s definitely recommended if you’re looking to step your serum game up, and take your skincare routine to the next level. Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum can be shopped on their website.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – skincare review www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – skincare review

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