Beautypress premiers in the UK

Last week I attended the UK premier of BeautyPress, a platform that brings beauty brands and the press, bloggers and influencers together.

The event which took place at the gorgeous Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard was the final of the beautypress Press Events Spring Season ’17, with events having already taken place in the US and across Europe.

I must admit that normally, I’m skeptical of such events – they are usually overcrowded, which makes it difficult to have face to face conversations, or it’s full of brands and products I already know a lot about which is why this event was so refreshing.

It consisted of over 100 products from 14 brands, and just the right amount of people to give enough time to learn more about new brands and have actual conversations.

Here’s a roundup of the event and the brands I met, most of which are new to me so I’ll be doing a more detailed review of each brand and their products as I try them. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s a look of the brands that made an impression on me.

More to follow …

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