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MyProtein Clear Whey Isolate – Watermelon

I taste test the new MyProtein Clear Whey Isolate range and why you might want to switch from Whey protein to Whey Isolate.

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5 YouTube Workout videos to try if you are prone to exercise injuries.

There’s a rise in exercise related injuries; with Google searches for knee pain up +471%, and sprained ankle up +267% in the weeks since lockdown. Here are 5 effective workout videos to try if you’re prone to injuries.

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Ways to incorporate Vitamin C into your everyday life to reap both health and beauty benefits.

Ways to incorporate Vitamin C into your everyday life to reap both the health and beauty benefits.

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K2, the vitamin you’re deficient in but don’t know about.

A closer look at Vitamin K2, the vitamin you’re deficient in but don’t know about. The benefits of K2 and what you need to eat or take to get this essential vitamin.

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UPBeat Protein Water

I don’t do well with diets, it’s something about denying myself things I like that doesn’t sit well with me. Life’s difficult as it is, why deny myself the simple pleasures? But I do agree that everything should be in moderation. One thing I’m great at is self-assessment so I can tell when I have gone too far and need …

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The 6 Multipurpose health supplements you need in your bathroom cabinet this autumn and winter

It’s that time of year, summer’s over but it’s not full blown autumn yet. The weather is uncertain, it swings between being warm one minute and chilly the next. Usually, it’s this time of year that I become susceptible to little colds, flu and infections that make me feel a sick, and fatigued that lasts till spring. And I’ve noticed, …

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Health & Fitness – Tips to get back in shape

Ahh, so autumn is finally here. Personally it’s my favourite time of the year not just because my birthday is in autumn but also because the weather is so perfect – not too hot and not too cold. And we see changes in the trees and leaves, it’s just a beautiful season all round. I always also use it as the …

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Introducing… MELLO Watermelon Seeds

  Snacking on seeds is nothing new, I never have a porridge or smoothie without topping it up with some nutritious seeds but snacking on watermelon seeds is a whole other ball game. Which it shouldn’t be really when you think about it – we snack on so many seeds these days so melon seeds shouldn’t be a big leap …

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