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I always bemoaned how quickly I went through my sample of CBeautyDifferently Cannabalm oil, but that was because it was such a great skincare product.

Thanks to the many benefits of the CBD and Marula oils it contained, my skincare routine became shorter as it replaced many of the steps in a typical skincare routine, and the glow it gave my skin after every use was unreal.

Anyway, CBeautyDifferently just expanded their product range by adding a new product – a Day and Night Oil which I’ve been super excited to try because if it’s anything like the Cannabalm that came before it, then they have another winner.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - CBeautyDifferently Day and Night Skin Oil

Still rooted in the philosophy of natural beauty powered by CBD; this new Day and Night oil combines CBD, Olive and Squalane oils to produce an all-purpose skin oil that not only nourishes skin but also hydrates, softens, and fights free radicals to stop ageing in its tracks.

As an ingredient, CBD oil has many skincare benefits. The hemp it’s made from is naturally rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E – all of which provide skin with the nourishment needed to sustain healthy skin. It also contains Vitamins C and E both of which are well-known as powerful antioxidants.

Again, it contains Vitamins A and D which are needed to maintain moisture, repair skin cells, and minimise breakouts. Hemp is also full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and these help to regenerate the protective outer-layer of skin, as well as keep it looking smooth and healthy.

The second oil in this new CBeautyDifferently Day and Night skin oil is Squalane; a hydrator that prevents ongoing loss of hydration that makes skin dry and less supple. It’s also an antioxidant so has antiaging properties.

Finally there’s. Olive oil; which hydrates and moisturises skin but can also be anti-bacterial and kill acne causing bacteria to give clear skin.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - CBeautyDifferently Day and Night Skin Oil

Together in this CBeautyDifferently Day and Night oil, your skin, hair and nails benefit a whole lot. As a multi-purpose oil, This skin oil helps with:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Healing sensitive skin types
  • Dryness and rough texture
  • Healing marks caused by cuts and burns
  • Large pores
  • Hydrating nails and cuticles
  • Moisturising hair and fighting flaky scalp

The oil itself is very light, a few drops is all you need. I like that it absorbs very easily into the skin without leaving residue.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - CBeautyDifferently Day and Night Skin Oil

Also, I expected this new addition to the CBeautyDifferently family to be hydrating, multipurpose and high quality; without any nasties like parabens and sulphates, and I haven’t been disappointed.

This CBeautyDifferently Day and Night oil is now available on the CBeautyDifferently website and Tulsans.

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