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EcoTools 2017 collection has landed

Everyone’s favourite eco-friendly makeup brushes brand EcoTools are back with a 2017 collection. Think extensive range with a gorgeous redesign.

I thought the collection was a lot but it turns out EcoTools is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year so they have a collaborations and limited edition brush sets as well.

I like the 2017 collection a lot, starting with the packaging which I think looks great. It’s a refresh but you still recognise it as EcoTools. It also focuses on education, taking intimidation out of makeup application by providing how to tips on the packaging.

The brush heads are all uniquely cut, so there is a lot of differentiation which is a new addition this year. Also, the brushes look sleeker and the bamboo handles lighter compared to previous collections.

And one of my favourite things about the new collection is how the brush function is engraved on the handle. It’s definitely an incentive to buy if you’re new to makeup application, and are unsure which brush to use.

Let’s take a closer look …

Perfecting Blender Duo

A soft and flexible sponge made with 71% sugar cane and 100% vegan of course. It comes in two sizes and densities to create an airbrushed, camera-ready look. The rounded base is for blending , the flat side covers large surface areas and the wedge – like tip for contours of the face and precision.

Colour Perfecting Minis

I find the colour correcting mini blenders very helpful. They are the perfect size and shape to apply concealer, and they come in corresponding colours as well.

Colour Perfecting Applicator

This a precision applicator, perfect for applying contours, bronzers and highlighters. 

Brow Shaping Duo

The perfect duo to effortlessly groom, style and define beautiful brows.

Full Powder Brush

This is a 70,000 bristle full powder brush with a full dense head. Meaning it has 200% more bristles than a standard powder brush, and delivers full coverage of pressed powders for a flawless, matte finish.

Micro Blending Brush

This brush is designed to touch up imperfections under the eye area and around the nose. It’s best used with concealers.

Limited Edition Anniversary Set

It’s the 10th birthday of EcoTools so to celebrate, the brand launched a Limited Edition Anniversay Set featuring 6 exclusive brushes.

Modern Romance Collection

There’s also the Modern Romance Collection, a fourth edition limited edition brush set  inspired by vintage dusted hues. It’s a five brush set in a collectible storage box featuring everything needed to create a soft, romantic look.

Women’s Empowerment Sets

This is another limited edition collection which supports Glamour’s The Girl Project foundation that support women’s education. The collection includes a Pointed Concealer brush, an Angled Powder brush, a Highlighting Fan brush, an Eye Shading brush, a Detailed Lip brush and a Compact Mirror.

Define & Highlight Duo

This duo is perfect for enhancing natural features. The unique cut of these brushes add extra definition to cheekbones, nose, forehead and jawline.

Aside from make up brushes, EcoTools also launched other products including bath accessories, Facial Cleansing Brush and a Hair Brush Collection.

Facial Cleansing Brush
Hair Brushes

More from the launch:

The EcoTools 2017 Collection is available inn beauty stores nationwide. Find out more about the collection here.

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