Beauty Review: Hair goals with Cantu

Cantu has been on the fringes of my radar for a while now, I knew it as a US natural hair care brand but I’ve only started paying close attention because a few weeks ago, they announced the entire Cantu beauty hair care range is now available nationwide in Boots.

For me, the timing couldn’t be better because my goal this year is to transition to natural coily hair and stop using relaxers all together. But the tricky bit is, I don’t want to do away with the chemically relaxed hair while I transition which means making sure my hair – both new growth and relaxed bits are sufficiently hydrated and moisturised at all times. This is key to preventing massive hair breakage.

Getting to this point with my hair has been a long journey of education and discovery. I started by moving away from harsh relaxers to no lye, then to relaxers infused with natural oils, then all natural no sulphate, paraben free cleansers and conditioners and finally liking my hair for what it is and going back to natural.

So like I said, it is the perfect time for me to acquaint myself with Cantu beauty hair products. The new textured hair care collection is infused with shea butter and coconut for soft and fizz free hair, which is what I am looking for.
I need my hair moisturised, manageable and strong enough to withstand blow drying and combing, which usually results in hair tearing during transition so I admit I’ve been anxiously looking for products to prevent this.

                             Rich and creamy texture

I’ve been using the Cantu range for almost three weeks now and so far I have no complaints. The entire collection – from shampoo to strengthening treatment is so rich and creamy.

Despite its thickness, it absorbs so easily and quickly into hair and get this, there’s no residue. A fact I’m very impressed with because most hair products once applied leave some sort of oily residue in hands but not Cantu. That is confirmation the products are actually absorbed by the hair and not just coating it.

   A little shampoo goes a long way.
                      Rich lather

Anyway the Cantu Textured Hair Care Range keeps my hair soft and pliable with every wash; I just need to reapply a leave in conditioner or moisturiser every few days to keep my hair manageable.

It is the beginning of our journey together but I’ll go out on a limb here and say it’ll be a long and fruitful one from what I’ve seen. My hair’s flourishing under the Cantu Textured Hair Care Range and I’m loving it so beautiful natural hair here I come.

As I mentioned, Cantu is available in Boots nationwide.

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