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Gusto recently launched Super DC, the world’s first grab and go super strength vitamin drink to bolster the Immune System. And if Coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s the importance of having a functioning immune system.

Super DC is the first drink to deliver a mega-dose of high strength vitamins D and C, together with vitamins A, K, Zinc and Folic Acid, all of which delivers a daily vitamin boost and keeps the immune system intact. 

The new drinks come in two flavours – Super DC Blood Orange and Super DC Blackcurrant & Elderberry. – Super DC drinks

The Super DC Blood Orange blends Sicilian blood orange juice with white grape to deliver a refreshingly zingy burst of citrus filled with anthocyanins which is full of antioxidants. – Super DC drinks

Super DC Blackcurrant and Elderberry tastes like a wellbeing jolt to the system.  It has dark complex notes of elderberry and fresh tart blackcurrant juice, with a generous glug of apple juice to sweeten. – Super DC drinks

Both Super DC drinks are bursting with vitamins. Each contains two grams of vitamin C delivering 2500% reference intake (RI) of your daily vitamin C requirement. With 500mg from plant extracts in the form of the Acerola Cherry, an untapped functional superfruit, and one of the richest natural sources of ascorbic acid. – Super DC drinks

Both drinks are also high in antioxidants and contain 200% RI Vitamin D 2500% RI Vitamin C – both known for their immune boosting properties.  Super DC also has 100% of your RI of vitamin K and Folic acid and 50% RI of zinc and vitamin A. – Super DC drinks

All of the drinks are vegan, free from artificial sweeteners, and plant-based.  Super DC is available in 250ml grab and go cans at, Amazon, Holland Barrett, and other natural trade retailers across the country. Priced at £1.99.

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