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We hear a lot about the skin barrier these days. How it’s delicate but all powerful when it comes to keeping environmental aggressors at bay. And how all skin irritations are indicators that something’s amiss with your skin barrier.

A healthy skin barrier means soft and supple skin because it enables skin cells to hold and retain moisture and fight signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. It also shields skin from pollutants in the environment that dry skin and make it look dull.

This means having radiant skin at all times can be difficult because sometimes life just happens and as a result, our skin barrier suffers. So how do we keep our skin in optimal health round the clock and all year round? That’s where little known but powerful ingredient Ceramide comes into play.

It’s a rock star when it comes to keeping your skin barrier healthy although it might not get the same song and dance other ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Retinols get.
But take a close look at any of your favourite skincare products that promise skin barrier support and you’ll find Ceramides in there.

This is because Ceramides are the ‘glue’ that holds skin cells together to form the barrier in the top layer of skin. It’s naturally occurring in our body and like most things produced by the body depletes over time.
When at its best, it forms the bases for radiant skin. Without ceramides, the skin barrier gets damaged which in turn unleashes all sorts of hell – from minor irritations and dryness to skin texture issues, dehydration and accelerated signs of aging.

The problem of a vulnerable skin barrier is what Skinsense by Abi Cleave is looking to solve. The beauty brand just launched a new Ceramide range – Ceramide24 to ensure our Ceramide levels are constantly topped up and our skin barrier is protected at all times.

The seven product collection combines Ceramide lipid complex with other compatible active ingredients to ensure the skin barrier is supported and skin generally stays healthy and radiant.

Trial period: six weeks

Tested for: It’s ability to heal a damaged skin barrier and improve the general health of skin

We gave five products from the Ceramide24 range a try and it couldn’t have come at a better time because our reviewer just happened to have some skin barrier issues. She was experiencing skin irritation that was causing a burning sensation when she applied any products. The skin around the eyes was particularly sensitive.

Ceramide24 Delicate Cleansing Cream – Skinsense Ceramide24 skincare review

This gentle cleansing cream contains 4% Lactic Acid and transforms from cream into a cleansing oil to remove dirt and makeup effectively. It’s silky in texture and aromatic thanks to the soothing blend of Safflower Seed and Sweet Almond oil.

Ceramide24 AHA Treatment Mask – Skinsense Ceramide24 for skin barrier

This gentle mask has been formulated to promote a brighter and clearer looking complexion using 5% concentration of Lactic Acid. It also contains nourishing fatty acids to help cell turnover with soothing hydration and comfort whilst reinforcing the skin’s barrier. It’s recommended twice a week.

Ceramide24 Recovery Support Night Cream – Skinsense Ceramide moisturiser

This nourishing night cream plumps and firms the skin, as well as support the overnight recovery process. It’s packed with sweet almond oil to comfort irritated skin while it works to restore the skin’s barrier.

Ceramide24 Comforting Eye Cream – Ceramide skincare benefits

The main ingredient in this eye cream is Shadownyl™, derived from marine algae which allows it to do so much more than heal skin barrier irritations. Shadownyl helps this delicate eye cream to visibly brighten dark circles and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The essential fatty acids and ceramide lipid complex in it deliver moisture and hydration to the eye area, leaving it comforted and hydrated.

Ceramide24 Ceramide Complex Serum – Ceramide for skin

This is a powerful serum that helps to restore elasticity, tone and radiance to mature skin. It strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier with every use and improves elasticity and firmness.


One of the more noticeable characteristics of Ceramide24, even before I tried the products is its silky textures. It has a very pampering feel.

I tried the products for a six week period and the one theme throughout was how soft my skin became during that time. When you have a facialist compliment you on how soft your skin is, you know Ceramide24 is doing something right.

It’s a clear indication of a healthy skin barrier that’s keeping the skin hydrated and retaining enough moisture to keep it supple and plump.

The collection is for both AM and PM skincare routines but I preferred the nighttime routine as it felt like an extra treat to wipe off the day with silky textures and also because the Ceramide24 Recovery Support Night Cream especially worked best at night while sleeping.

The hero product of the range for me is the Ceramide24 Comforting Eye Cream which soothed the very irritated skin around my eyes – stopping the itching and burning in 2 days. It also got rid of my dark circles during the same period.

Five days into using the Ceramide24 range, my skin barrier was healed and all skin sensitivity was gone. For the rest of the trial period, my skin looked and felt healthy, not to mention incredibly plump and soft.

Another noticeable trait of the entire experience was how gentle and soothing the products are on irritated skin. Sometimes when there is skin damage, the products needed to heal it can cause a burning sensation when applied. This was the complete opposite.

Although Ceramide skincare products are gaining some notoriety, it’s too early to say if they’ll gain cult status but in reality, it’s what allows the Hyaluronic Acids, Vitamin Cs and Retinols to be as effective as they are.

The benefits of using Ceramides are numerous, and the good news is it’s for everyone and all skin types. What’s not to like?

Shop the entire Skinsense Ceremide24 range here

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