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357 sig vs 40

357 sig vs 40

It’s rough.

Both options had some loads stick in the FBI's sweet spot for penetration depth, though .357 SIG is more prone to overpenetration. The Sig is my EDC. Here is your answer for how I compare it to the .357 Sig. The FBI agents hit both of the crooks multiple times but it wasn’t enough to neutralize the threat. You generally don’t engage a faraway target with a pistol. I've also heard they are very close in ballistics. The quest was to come up with a round they could depend on when the chips were down. The result passed the FBI’s test protocol with colors, and Smith & Wesson introduced the 40 S&W cartridge to the market in 1990. Many folks just coming into the self-defense world are bombarded with questions: which caliber do I choose? The issues were two fold: one, recoil was too much for smaller framed folks; two, those same officers with smaller hands had a hard time gripping the big 10 (probably feeding back into the whole recoil issue). For this shooter it was always to close to tell. Bright muzzle flash can be disastrous, as it will cause a shooter’s vision to deacclimate to low light. Because the 40 S&W and the 357 SIG share the same parent casing, it’s perfectly possible to convert a pistol chambered for one into a pistol chambered for the other. Sig ammo is much faster (fps), shoots flatter and hits harder than 40. The 9mm barrel from Lone Wolf worked much better and now my kit is complete, barrel review in. Something went wrong. As we can see in the images above, .357 SIG loads have a significantly higher muzzle velocity than .40 S&W. Despite the higher muzzle velocity of .357 SIG, it has similar or less recoil energy than .40 S&W, as this data from Chuck Hawks recoil table shows us.

Muzzle Velocity Comparison Go with the .40 especially in your situation.

The shootout continued until five good men were injured and two more lost their lives. Law enforcement yearned for something that could neutralize a threat more effectively than 9mm. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. Was looking for a USP compact in 9mm and found a pristine 357 Sig. I could probably get a different recoil spring, but I don’t like messing with God’s intentions for the Glock. .357 SIG achieved some early success after being adopted by several state-level law enforcement agencies, who later reported that the cartridge performed well in the field. I have shot everything from 22-44 magnum . At the end of the day, they are both recoil beasts and more expensive than other rounds that I think are just as capable of doing the job.

It has been proven over time that the .40 S&W is superior as a one shot bad guy buster. Reply Link. I use the 357 for S.D. William Russell Matix and Michael Platt were both hit multiple times during the shootout, but were able to continue fighting, killing 2 agents and wounding another 5 before being downed. On the plus side, a lot of pistols chambered for .40 S&W can be converted to .357 Sig just by swapping out the barrel. .357 Sig vs .40 S&W I've owned both calibers in Glock models. Well, some of us do. .40 S&W meanwhile continued to grow in popularity throughout the 90’s, and then in the 2000’s a new and improved 9mm re-established itself as the best all around semi-automatic handgun cartridge in the world. This is the same factor that ultimately ended .40 S&W’s chance of being the world’s most popular defensive handgun caliber too. Sig P226tacops 40/357, Glock 17, G26 gen3, Sig 238, G34gen 4, G36, SW 22a, RRA operator-L;-). But if you do reload then it's not much more in cost than 9mm. The all-new .40 S&W cartridge debuted on January 17, 1990, and began to gain traction among both law enforcement agencies and civilian gun buyers almost immediately. Can you shoot .40 S&W out of your 10mm Auto. The 9mm barrel from Lone Wolf worked much better and now my kit is complete, barrel review in this link. Bottom line is that the 357 Sig and any .40 caliber handgun is silly and a lengthy topic for another time. It can also have significant muzzle flash, a somewhat rare problem for handgun loads. To get a full picture on how .40 S&W and .357 SIG came to be, we need to go back to the year 1986. I know it differs between different guns, but im just curious compared to the .40. I even tried my friend's barrel from his P226 357 Legion built in 2017.

Because no cartridge is perfect. I no longer own a .40, and my head is out of my ass, most of the time. If you reload, or one day decide to, .40 brass is so plentiful it's practically free. We’ll be going into detail on the differences between these two calibers, but before we do that I want to cover some background information on what was happening during the late 80’s up until present day. Though this generally isn't really a concern for concealed carry or most defensive situations, it's worth mentioning. The .40 wins in this category. I'm looking to get a .40 cal Sig when my taxes come back, but my friend told me to check out the .357 SIG instead.

Hate ’em. 9mm remains the cartridge to beat in the world of modern handguns, and until something truly revolutionary comes along, this will likely remain the state of things. Typically, this is not a significant issue in self-defense scenarios where you would use a pistol. The 357 sig is a 9mm bullet in a 10mm case which really allows the 9mm bullets to perform at their best . This is also long before we had the high tech bullets available today. I am talking about commercially available defensive rounds, which is all in the world I care about. Thus the .357 Sig was born. .40 S&W also generally has greater bullet expansion. So with all this going for it, why doesn’t everyone chuck the .40’s and switch to the .357 Sig? I am glad I bought the 9mm conversion. Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free!

The ideal man stopper will use all of its energy in the intended target and not pass through. Subscribe for the latest news, reviews, and gun deals. Sw 686 is ok, but, short barrel 357 revolvers are painful to shoot. I no longer own a .40, and my head is out of my ass, most of the time. A 357 SIG’s tendency to penetrate farther, however, may become an advantage when a target is shielded by a barrier like a car door or windshield. In terms of power, the .40 has more, although the 357 Sig is still stout. The four year head start it enjoyed on the market led many more law enforcement agencies to adopt it, and thus more 40 S&W pistols, pistol parts, and ammunition are readily available. I'm into Sig & other types of handguns, Beer, Women, Rock n Roll & Classic Rock & NHRA Drag Racing. Its standard 125 grain bullet has a muzzle velocity of approximately 1,400 fps.

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