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cod gun tier list

cod gun tier list

Usually it's worth picking the M4 ahead of this gun, but if the Kilo 141 starts feeling better for you, we're not stopping you from using it! It has high base damage and accuracy, with a decent rate of fire. The COD Mobile best guns tier list in Season 10: The Hunt is out now. The best Shotgun that you can use in Season 9 are: KRM-262 and BY15.

Its slow fire rate is not for everyone though, so only gets an A.

It can be bought at Buy Stations or will drop once enough gas circle closes.

Here in COD Mobile Best ASM10 Gunsmith Loadout attachments, we have varieties of ASM10 class setup with different performance to help you find which one fit your playstyle the most. Find the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 here. It has good recoil and the prime range to use DR-H is close to medium range. The only downside of this gun is the slow move speed which require you to play passive with it. Increases effective range and bullet velocity at the cost of ADS Speed. There are a few things that make guns better than others in COD Mobile, whether it be DPS, accuracy, or another factor, but your individual preferences will make a difference in which gun is best for you. Comments on this article are now closed. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of any effectiveness outside of knifing range.

Conversion kit to use 32-round magazines of higher caliber. Good value, should be used, Increased ADS with tons of buffs. Here in COD Mobile Best ASM10 Gunsmith Loadout attachments, we have varieties of ASM10 class setup with different performance to help you find which one fit your playstyle the most. 'Save/Download' and add a title and description.

Recoil is low and controllable, and you’ll be able to sprint around the map and aim down your sights swiftly and easily. Helps in fighting while on the move. Here in COD Mobile Best AK117 Gunsmith loadout attachments, we have varieties of AK117 class setup with different performance to help you find which one fit your playstyle the most. Prime range: 5 - 10 meter. You’ll beat out assault rifle users with relative ease in close quarters too, meaning the huge number of M4A1 users will struggle to lay a finger on you if you round a corner at them. Find the best attachment for Fennec smg , perks, and skins here. This gun won’t cut the mustard at anything above point-blank range, and even then there will be better options. It has all the qualities of an excellent assault rifle with its easy handling, laser-like accuracy, and wealth of attachments which seem built for both Multiplayer and Warzone. Players take the game just as seriously as any other, and if you want to reach the highest rankings you'll need to get a grasp on what guns are top tier, and which are trash. In conclusion, The best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 has high damage combine with fast fire rate, and good overall performance. Details of these recommended weapons can be found below. Experimental 438mm extended barrel pushes the operational limit fo this weapon with progressive rate springs and a case hardened chrome-moly bore. The .357 Snake-shot rounds turn a powerful revolver into a double action shotgun.

Echo is very powerful when using in close range combat. Suddenly the FAL has become a very strong close range weapon, if you’ve got the trigger finger for it.

During this time, we have seen numerous balance patches come in and tone down the worst offenders. It can wreck up close but then there are more nimble SMGs for that, The AN94's unique firing mode allows you to keep your shots on target due to the weapon's relatively low recoil.

Helps greatly with AK-47's vertical recoil, Helps with recoil while increasing range. Despite being a reliable weapon, the ISO's stats pale in comparison against other SMGs in Warzone. Thanks to the low recoil and large magazine size, you can keep your finger squeezed on the trigger whilst reliably hitting your shots! There are already 200,000+ tier list templates available on TierMaker and you can make a tier list for nearly anything by searching for the topic you are interested in or starting on our category page. Every season of COD Mobile brings new tweaks to the gun meta which forces you to constantly be updating your loadout to stay competitive. Since it’s ADS speed buff, this bolt action marksman rifle is definitely worth equipping.

The burst recoil is very easy to control though it require precise aim to hit the burst. Helps in fighting while on the move. Despite its low fire rate, time to kill is extremely quick since you’ll finish enemies in just 2 hits.

The 725 shotgun, while potent up close, is gimped by its 2-round magazine size that can be fatal in the team-fighting environment in Warzone. SKS can shoot very fast with manageable recoil up to decent ranges, making it a powerhouse both up close and mid-range. I agree. However, it’s also kind of a pain to use. To give you a better idea of the weapons in the game, we are going to provide you with our Call of Duty Mobile weapon tier list. Despite a series of nerfs at the start of Season 5, the Bruen is still a really strong, viable weapon. We've got a page on. Find the best guns to use in COD Mobile Season 10 here: COD Mobile Season 10 Best Gun Tier List: Tier: Weapon name: S: DR-H, ASM10, KN-44, QQ9, HG 40, Razorback, Locus, Kilo Bolt-Action, DL Q33, KRM-262, M4LMG: A:

Extended foregrip reduces vertical recoil and provides stability from the hip for fast paced guerrila tactics. All in all, the Finn gets a massive thumbs up from us. Contact @JamesMacLaw Here’s our constantly-evolving tier list of all the guns available in Call of Duty: Mobile. Further increases weapon's effective damage range, and adds sound suppression when firing. Call of Duty: Warzone , the new free-to-play Battle Royale , is here! Versatility is king in Modern Warfare, and this thing is able to shred through enemies nearby as well as hitting foes at a distance with a bit of patience from the player.

Which guns sit at the top of our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tier list (Image via Activision Blizzard) Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) has been out for over a month. Shotguns do exactly what you expect them to - blast enemies to death at close range.

Won't cause tint glare.

Here are the top tier guns you should be using for COD Mobile season 10 to stay on top of the evolving gun meta. The recoil is close to non-existent, offers great damage for the class, and excellent accuracy. Achieve the pinnacle of range with this precision barrel from XRK. Find more detail about this tier list here.

With attachments, it can be modified to act as a capable all-range Assault Rifle that's accurate and hits hard, A stable & easy to acquire weapon, the M4A1 is a decent all-rounder that can handle all types of combat situations without losing out by a large margin, Another accurate & easy to control Assault Rifle, the M13 has negligent recoil and fast fire rate, making it another prime choice for dealing with distant enemies, FAL received a major buff during the recent, Ram 7 shoots fast, hits hard and is a good contestant for the best 5.56 assault rifle.

It might feel great for you though! What a horrible list. Superior muzzle velocity and stabilization at the cost of agility. You’ll usually have more luck with an Assault Rifle, but this is a fun alternative regardless. You can catch him defending the plot of Kingdom Hearts and geeking out over awesome combo videos in character action games any day of the week. Whack a couple of attachments on it - we’re enjoying the Operator Reflex Sight, especially since the iron sights aren’t the best on this gun - and it becomes an absolute beast of a gun. RPG-7 has a wide explosion radius and can clear out bunkers quickly. Tiermaker containing all 16 core Call of Duty titles (not including Call of Duty:Online or mobile or strategy games) from Call of Duty (2004) to Call of Duty:Modern Warfare (2019). The second best sniper to use in Season 10 is the Kilo Bolt-Action, a very high versatility sniper that deal great damage, great accuracy, and good mobility. We've put together a list of the best. Monolithic Suppressor provides superior sound suppression and increased range. Here’s what you can whack/stab/hack your enemies with. After the 3/25 update, 4 new weapons can now be found in the loot of Warzone: 725, MK2 Carbine, .50 GS, and EBR-14.

It is balanced all around without gimmicky handling so is a good all-purpose LMG in Warzone, While AS VAL's damage profile is good, its steep vertical recoil makes the AS VAL lose out when the target is at longer ranges.

The COD Mobile best guns tier list in Season 11 is out now. FR 5.56 features a 3 shot burst mechanics that when controlled can be very potent and accurate even to targets that are far away. Start unlocking some of the Finn's plentiful barrel attachments and you've got yourself one of the most versatile guns in the game.

.41 AE ammunition for increased range and stopping power. The FAMAS of old has returned. It’s probably best not to run around with these out solo though. Details of these looted weapons can be found below. The dev team have tried to nerf it, but in one-on-one engagements, there's still nothing better.

This is important for several reasons. It has a somewhat noticeable bullet drop compared with HDR, so requires more skill to operate especially in the open Verdansk maps. This weapon’s main strength over the likes of the Grau, Kilo, and Bruen is its fast fire rate which makes it a mid to long range shredder if you can land your shots.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2020 (CoD MW) Best Weapon & Gun Tier list, including updated guides for more info on the best guns, weapon attachments, setups, builds, season 6 & more!

Sure, the semi-automatic nature of the gun allows for follow-ups, but with a well-placed sniper shot, you shouldn’t need it, and with the fast time to kill in this game you might not even have time. Faster ADS at the cost of Aiming Stability. About James Law. Find Echo best attachments, perks, and skins here. Previously unlocked as part of the Season 4 Battle Pass, the Fennec has an absolutely disgustingly fast fire rate. See the Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 Best Weapon & Gun Tier list. Remember, there’s no substitute for good gameplay, so don’t blame us when some chump outflanks you and shoots your head off. It's a gun that you can deck out in a number of ways, making it adaptable, but we prefer going the whole hog on either an Assault Rifle or LMG.

The prime range to use the Man-O-War is close to medium range. Get it all kitted up and you’ll be able to take down enemies at all ranges, especially paired with the Overkill perk, offering you the opportunity to whack out a shotgun or sniper as your secondary if you fancy.

This gun has some grim looking iron sights that’ll mean you struggle to land those marksman-like hits from across the map. Breaking news:

Find more detail about this tier list here. A new season, a new set of weapons. Aim to increase its ADS speed and the weapon's good handling will cover the rest. Its essential team function however is to combat vehicles as 1 vehicle in Battle Royale can wipe a whole team by ramming them if not dealt with.

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