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hjc rpha 90 vs shoei neotec 2

hjc rpha 90 vs shoei neotec 2

Great thing is that you get the pin lock shield included inthe box. My wife and I have not been disappointed. But Shark do still make safe helmets with 4 of 5 stars on average. Shoei is definitely more at the premium end of the market, but this does show in their high-quality liners, visor mounts and just general high quality.

X. For safety, HJC also do well with 3 stars. Pinlock faceshield works as advertised, as do the integral shades...I threw the chin thingy away... Was looking for second helmet. Champion Helmet's mission is offering the best possible shopping experience to any motorcycle rider who visits us in our Store or online - shopping for motorcycle jackets, boots, helmets, motorcycle gear or any kind of different accessory. We’ve also included Schuberth here for comparison’s sake, though we haven’t tested as many of their helmets as Shoei or AGV. If you’re curious about more of these road test results, make sure to check out our Shoei vs Arai vs AGV Video on our YouTube channel, and don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there.

For our road tests, we tested out the Arai Tour X4 (their adventure helmet), the Arai Profile-V (their touring helmet), the Arai Renegade-V (their cruising helmet), the Arai SZ-R VAS (Arai’s jet helmet), and the Arai RX-7V (their top racing helmet). However, for noise, Arai haven’t done quite as well getting 2 stars. My only issue has been the fogging, partly due to the tight fit. All rights reserved. August 23, 2018. Ending up swapping.

For this test, we’ve used our data from the HJC RPHA 90, HJC F70, HJC i90, HJC i70, HJC RPHA 70, and HJC RPHA 11. I knew that this was a quality product from reviews so it was little surprise to me that my expectations were met. While we were comparing these two giants, we also decided to throw in a few others including AGV. It was a bit tight on my cheeks but that hardly detracts anything from the helmet itself. And I like the way the face shield locks down, but is easily opened with gloves on. First, let’s start with Shoei. my only complaint is fogging. Overall, Shoei does very well, getting a total of 4 stars, and come at a very wallet friendly Euro per star rating of 22. The scoring that appears on this site is determined by the site operator in its sole discretion, and should NOT be relied upon for accuracy purposes. So, we now have our answer: for 2020 Shoei is the best. But first, the burning question, what about Shoei vs. Arai? The HJC RPHA 11 builds upon the hugely successful RPHA 10, creating an even more finely tuned helmet for sport and track-day enthusiasts. However, their safety does well receiving 4.5 stars overall. Would reccomend. Since we first started recording our road tests, we’ve been collecting data on over 40 helmets from Shoei, Arai, AGV, HJC, Shark, Schubert, and the NolanGroup. It is more of a round oval which gave me that little bit extra room so my Scala Rider mic is not pressing against my face like with the IS-16. This means we’ve gone through all of our brands and can now announce our winner. Very comfy and great ventilation. It easily fogs up, then gets dirty when the foggy visor is retracted and gets lint/dust on it. It excels in being a comfortable and well ventilated helmet with an easy to use chin bar mechanism. So, the helmet’s we’ve tested for Shark are the Shark Evo One 2, Shark Spartan Carbon, Shark Race-R Pro GP, Shark Spartan GT Carbon, Shark Skwal 2, and the Shark Spartan GT. Arai is our second major Japanese helmet manufacturer also known for their safety and quality as well as adding certain special features that other companies just don’t have. And it’s, sorry Arai and AGV fans, Shoei. Overall, this brings HJC to a total of 3 stars and 18 Euros per star, which is the lowest here. AGV is a very strong competitor in this case with helmets spanning across almost every category and price point, not to mention being the producers of the famous Pista GP RR that Valentino Rossi himself wears. Since most Shoei helmets also come equipped with pin lock insert lenses, that’s also another 3 stars.

Next up, we’ve got Arai, followed by HJC and Shark and NolanGroup are more or less tied after that. The airflow is another nice feature. Next, we come to Shark, the French helmet manufacturer. HJC always manage to surprise us on our road tests with their incredibly low prices and high quality and performance. For material, the HJC got 3 stars, which is very respectable. For noise, NolanGroup also do well with another 3 stars and the same goes for comfort. The new technology incorporated on this helmet makes it cool in warm weather, as well as being very quiet on the road. I'm not sure I can upload a photo of the aftermath on the helmet or not but I will if I can figure that out. Also the integrated sun shield is very helpful . Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and order in which the companies (and/or their products) are presented, and in some cases may also impact the scoring that is assigned to them. We’ve used our usual road test setup but also added the average of these helmet’s SHARP scores to get an idea of their safety. I love the included pinlock shield and center locking mechanism! For safety as well, they do very well with 4 stars on average. I'm in the market for a new helmet. Great helmet! It fits as expected and protects my noggin! We’ve also got the same 4-star result for their visors. It is light, comfortable and I can attest to ability to protect in a crash. This gives Schuberth a total of 4 stars at 26 Euros per star, though this is slightly let down by their 3 stars for safety.

Considering the test result from all their helmets combined, Shoei does just as well as we expected it to. The pinlock is amazing and does a great job but the sun visor is not fog proof at all. Next up is safe to say it’s AGV with their great safety record as well as solid performance out on the road. Drop down visor big plus. I've always been a fan of Shoei helmets. I didn't notice any whistling at all, even at high speeds. A Bonnier Corporation Company. 1,000 miles in the latest HJC RPHA product. Product Comparison: Shoei GT-Air vs HJC RPHA ST. Advertiser Disclosure. Informing our numbers are the collective road tests of the Shoei Neotec 2 (Shoei’s modular helmet), the Shoei NXR (their touring helmet), the Shoei GT Air 2 (from sport-touring), the Shoei X-Spirit 3 (their top of the line race helmet), the Shoei Hornet ADV (their adventure helmet), and the Shoei J-Cruise 2 (their ever-popular jet helmet). Hand-laid interwoven layers of fiberglass with organic fibers and resin, Carbon Fiber, Aramid, Fiberglass and Organic Non-Woven Fabric, Advanced silver and anti-bacterial fabric, Shoei GT-Air Pendulum, Small, Black/White, Convenient flip-down internal sun shield, Large field of vision protects from 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, 3D injection-molding ensures a distortion-free view throughout entire field of vision, Comes equipped with Pinlock® EVO fog-resistant system, Integrated/Removable, New 3D design provides 95% UV protection, Anti-scratch, Anti-fog system, Pinlock 100% Max Vision fog-resistant lens included, Innovative Center One-Touch Open/Close Locking System, RapidFire™ II Shield Replacement System, One-Touch Integrated SunShield, Large upper and lower vent shutters for ease of use with riding gloves, ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System, Wind tunnel-tested and refined aerodynamics, Shell-integrated spoiler reduces lift and drag, Noise-reduction technology reduces unwanted wind and road noises, Adapts to the ever-changing conditions that lie ahead, Emergency quick release system, SilverCool Plus™ Interior, Advanced P.I.M. Other than Shark or AGV, this is the brand that we’ve tested out the most. They say each brand fits differently, but I think part of it is due to how many hours I have in the Arai vs the Shoei. The HJC RPHAST helmet is constructed from Advanced P.I.M. The quality is obvious the first minute you hold it in your hand. The fit was a bit tight, but this is a medium and I'm right between M and L - so I don't think this helmet is sized small. Their helmets usually come in an intermediate oval to round head fit. I bought this because it is supposed to be a really great fit and quiet. The helmet fits perfect (maybe just a tad snug, but that is good), is lightweight, and quite comfortable. Last up from our brand comparison is NolanGroup, where we’ve combined our results for our Nolan and our X-Lite helmets. For material and weight, they get 3 stars, while for the visor they get 4 since they so considerately provide you with the helmet’s pinlock insert lens. This just about brings Arai to a total of 4 stars, though it does lag a bit behind Shoei in their performance. However, Schuberth did very well for comfort getting 5 stars. Before we get riding with the Shoei Neotec 2, just a few quick specs on the helmet.With a recommended retail price of about 630 Euros, or around 680 US Dollars, the Shoei Neotec Two is a flip up helmet that lets you easily open the chin bar … Thanks BMW Motorrad Boxer Twin Motorcycle Engine History, Top-10 Halloween Movie Monsters and Their Motorcycles, Vanderhall Teases 2022 Navarro Electric Off-Road Vehicle, 2021 Can-Am Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky First Look Preview. Great helmet. However, for noise HJC does a little worse with 2.5 stars. More Gear. I personally don't feel extra air flow over the IS-16. While we’ve used this data to look at how their individual helmets did, we were curious about what results we’d get if we looked at all their respective helmets put together to see what each company offers as a brand. The convenient flip-down internal sun shield, free-flowing yet easily adjustable ventilation system and superior aerodynamics ensure greater comfort and performance than ever before. NolanGroup’s performance is very good overall given the number of markets they span. This brings Shark to an overall total of 3 stars at 22 Euros per star, so on par with Shoei. But is the Shoei that much better than the HJC to justify the price? Motorcyclist may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Nonetheless, these are safe helmets getting a total average of 4 stars for available helmets and almost all of Arai’s helmets in the US are Snell certified. This helmet comes with the pinlock visor that eliminates fogging on the visor. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. I know I'm protecting my brain housing group and don't want to be a cheapskate on a helmet. Generally, their helmets tend to an intermediate oval fit and are well known thanks to the Shark Evo One Two. Shoei helmets usually come in an intermediate oval head shape and are made of their Advanced Integrated Matrix shell material. Lastly, as we mentioned, Shoei gets 4.5 stars for its great comfort. Though their helmet fit tends towards being narrower, they also to tend to prefer to use carbon fiber materials in their helmet. Love the internal sun sheild, easy to put up or down while riding.

These helmets will both also be competing with the AGV Sportmodular, Shark Evo One 2, Nolan N100 5 Plus, and the HJC RPHA 90.. Shoei Neotec II Specs. Fit is good.

Shoei vs Arai vs AGV vs HJC vs Shark vs NolanGroup. Latest. The vents are a lot easier to find and manipulate than the small ones on the CL-17. For noise, Shoei does very well, in no small part thanks to the Shoei GT Air 2, so that’s 3 stars. We haven’t graded Schuberth here due to the too small sample size. The information which appears on this site is subject to change at any time. Luckily..there is a solution--pinlock visor. Overall, HJC definitely deliver their classic punching above their weight results. And it’s, sorry Arai and AGV fans, Shoei.

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