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The $4m Baldacchino Supreme by Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes is back with another world’s most expensive item, first it was a phone then a music center and now it’s a bed.
Want to feel like $4m, why not sleep in the $4m bed.

Named the Baldacchino Supreme, the $4m bed is a collaboration between Stuart Hughes and F.lli Basile Interiors of Nocera Superiore Italy.

So why is it a $4m bed?  Well although the structure is carved and framed out of chestnut wood and ash wood while the canopy’s edges are in cherrywood, it also has 107 kg of solid gold detail.

It has gold leaf trimmings on the lacquered, patinated canopy and gold around the padded headboard which has diamonds and other gems in it.

It comes with the finest most luxurious silk sheets imaginable but I can’t help but think it will be a tad uncomfortable to sleep in all that gold.

Check out the Stuart Hughes website to find out what else has been converted into the world’s most expensive item.

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