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J-Beauty brand SUQQU has been around for a while but they got on our radar, back in November 2021 when they launched their Cream Foundation with options for darker skin tones – medium to deep set. – Beauty Review

It took us a while to find our match because choosing a foundation via a screen isn’t ideal but in Covid times, we had to adjust. After two tries we finally got it right and went with nos 155 and 60.
SUQQU as a brand is inspired by the Japanese expression for a woman rising to her full height, so we were not surprised at the luxurious look and feel of the new Cream Foundations when we received them.

It’s Infused with 13 Japanese extracts ( which will be great to know what they are) to help boost radiance, plus Hydrolyzed Collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate so it boosts skin’s hydration with every application. It also uses coated colour pigments and amino acids derivatives for a powderless finish and natural glow.

This new Cream Foundation is a change in direction for SUQQU and not just in expanding the palette to include darker tones; it’s also a change in formulation – from the previous Extra Rich Glow Cream Foundation to the now Cream Foundation. – Beauty Review

Once we received our match, we found a lot to love about this new Cream Foundation. It has a beautiful, non-runny texture which means it glides onto skin like a dream. It also has great coverage and blends very well.

Thanks to its hydrating ingredients, it pretty much lasts all day and feels like a second skin while allowing it to breathe and unlike other foundations that inevitably produce shine after long wear; this one doesn’t. Even with skin that tends to have a shiny T- zone so that is very impressive.

We also loved the fact that it was stain-proof once applied. It didn’t get on fingers so there was no transfer to clothing which is a rare feat with foundations – like we said, it wears like a second skin. – Beauty Review

Housed in a heavy glass pot with a small spatula. This foundation feels and looks luxurious although we also found it to be a bit messy. Try opening the pot and the foundation gets everywhere – fingers and on the lid which can get a bit annoying. Give us a tube or bottle with a pump any day. – Beauty Review

Overall we loved it! The new SUQQU Cream Foundation is light, hydrating, has a non-runny texture, stays on all day like a second skin and gets better as the hours go by.

At £68 a pot, it’s not for the faint-hearted and won’t be an everyday day foundation for the average person but it’s worth it and in line with foundations from other premium skincare brands on the market.

The new SUQQU Cream Foundation is available at Selfridges (London, Birmingham, Manchester Exchange and,) Harrods,, Liberty, and Cult Beauty.

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