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Institute Esthederm Svelt and Sculpt systems

New Cellulite Fighting System: Looking for a way to deal with stubborn cellulite? Institute Esthederm’s Svelt and Sculpt systems may be able to help. The Svelt System combats cellulite whilst Sculpt System firms and hydrates the skin. According to Institute Esthederm, tests in 88% of women saw visible results in just 14 days. Institute Esthederm’s Svelt and Sculpt systems come in …

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Venus Freeze anti-ageing and cellulite Treatments.

Step by Step Guide to Venus Freeze Facial: Last week, I was at the House of Rush, Piccadilly to try out the new Venus Freeze Facial which is part of Venus Freeze – a new anti-ageing and cellulite treatment on the beauty market. Venus Freeze treatments promise to reduce wrinkles and smoothen out lines, reduce cellulite and help users lose a …

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Slendertone Face Anti-ageing treatment.

Anti-ageing treatment for the face. The many anti-ageing creams and treatments on the market aim to do one thing – stop sagging muscles and wrinkles in its tracks. And while I might not be a fun of extreme procedures such as Botox and full on surgery, I have no qualms about the simple, at home treatment provided by Slendertone Face. …

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Mixed Chicks for Curly Hair

Treating stubborn curly hair. As someone with stubborn curly hair, I tried Mixed Chicks with a little scepticism. After all, this isn’t the first time a hair product has proclaimed to make stubborn hair like mine manageable. Having decided to go natural and free of all chemicals a year ago, I’ve found it hard to control or style my hair. …

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Pedicure at home with Micro Pedi

Pedicure at home has never been easier! With Sandal season almost here, the time is right to have a detailed look at the Micro Pedi. The question on my mind while trying out the Micro Pedi was; can it provide professional salon results at home? The box contains the main Micro-Pedi equipment, an instruction manual and five interchangeable attachments which …

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Acne Treatment: FaceB4 two – stage skincare regime.

Acne treatment that stops blemishes in its tracks.   Acne or breakouts of any sort is frustrating but we can accept it as part of growing up although when these problems persist into adulthood we are sometimes stumped by what is causing it, and how we can stop breakouts and the blemishes they cause to the skin. Whether a teenager or …

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Celgenics: Anti-aging Skincare and rejuvenating Facial.

Anti-aging skincare at its best. It looks like the quest to stop Father Time and preserve our youthful skin is pushing the beauty industry into extreme territories. From creams infused with 24 carat gold, snake venom and most recently powdered meteorite, anti-ageing wrinkle cream skincare products are getting weirder by the day. If you are one of the many who …

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