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Two Weeks in the Super Fast Lane: The Two-Week Diet

Need to get in shape fast for the summer? Me too and luckily I’ve got just the book to help us do it! Fiona Kirk’s Two weeks in the Super Fast Lane promises to whip you in shape in just two weeks, and the great thing is, there is  no calorie counting or weighing yourself and you can have chocolate …

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Soup Can Make You Thin: The Cookbook

Tasty Soup Recipes for Weight loss: Fiona Kirk, author of ‘So What the F**K Should I Eat?” and “Eat, Live & Lose the Flab”, is back with a new book, Soup Can Make You Thin- The Cookbook.  The new book promises healthy soup recipes and a soup diet plan that can make you lose weight in as little as 10 …

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The Body Reset Diet

The Body Reset diet has been creating a lot of buzz since the book came out, with Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox among its celebrity following so when I was asked to review it, I jumped at the chance. The review will be practical – I’ll be doing the Body Reset Diet and giving a daily update through The Body …

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