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New Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola

Lizi’s granola have combined my two favourite things in cereal breakfasts; organic ingredients and little or no sugar. I usually stick to pure proteins when it comes to breakfasts but since August, I’ve been giving Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola a try. The brand launched a new low sugar range in August which is high in fibre and releases energy slowly …

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Review: Filthy Creatures: things my mother never told me.

Filthy Creatures: things my mother never told me by David Williams is a must read because sometimes, you just need to laugh. The humorous and slightly saucy collection of poems gives a funny insight into the character traits of creatures both familiar and loveable, as well as the unfamiliar. But more than just laughs, each poem ends with a tongue …

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Recipe: Creamy Sesame Arame with Skinny Soba Somen Noodles

Sea vegetables have phytonutrients found nowhere else, special types of fibre, and unique carotenoids and polysaccharides, and various polyphenol defense compounds, each of which may have anti-cancer properties. I encourage everyone to try experimenting until you find the sea vegetables that you love and incorporate them into your diet. This dish is my favourite, I could eat it to a …

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Recipe: Crispy skinned duck breast

Crispy skinned duck breast with a cherry sauce and creamy spinach and polenta Duck à l’orange might be more the famous of the fruit and duck pairings, but cherries work even better. The trick with cooking fresh cherries is to retain some of their bite, so rather than stewing them in the sauce, add them in at the last minute …

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Recipe: Roasted cherry and vanilla mousse millefeuille

The French classic dessert, millefeuille, literally meaning a thousand sheets, is a show stopping way to showcase seasonal cherries. The crisp layers of puff pastry combined with a light airy mousse contrasts well with the sweet tang of the cherries. The pastry and cherries can be prepared in advance leaving you just the mousse to whip up and plate. Makes …

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20 Beach Bags for the Summer

20 fantastic beach bags that are both stylish and functional for all your beach essentials:

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Two Weeks in the Super Fast Lane: The Two-Week Diet

Need to get in shape fast for the summer? Me too and luckily I’ve got just the book to help us do it! Fiona Kirk’s Two weeks in the Super Fast Lane promises to whip you in shape in just two weeks, and the great thing is, there is  no calorie counting or weighing yourself and you can have chocolate …

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Another easy to make lunch recipe with LivLife bread! This spicy cajun salmon sandwich takes less than 10mins to prepare and it has great health benefits too. Fresh salmon is high in omega 3 fats which helps to keep your heart healthy and can also speed up your metabolism. Serves: 4 Ingredients 1 large wild salmon fillet skinned and cut …

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Recipe: Scotch pancakes with mixed berries and crème anglaise

It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone loves pancakes. Top with spoonfuls of yogurt if serving for breakfast or delicious homemade vanilla custard for an easy dessert. Serves 4 Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes Ingredients 3 tablespoons strawberry jam 1 tablespoon lemon juice 450 g (1 lb) mixed blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, halved or sliced depending …

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