Viva Voluptuous lands in time for Val’s day.

I was at the official launch of Viva Voluptuous, a new plus size lingerie brand last week and had a blast.
Come to think of it, have you noticed how at ‘normal’ fashion shows, everyone looks miserable and sour like they’ve been sucking on lemons?

In contrast, I love plus size fashion events – I wonder what happened to London Plus Size Fashion Week? Plus size events just have a fun vibe to it. Everyone’s bubbly, have a smile on their face, not to mention they promote good body image.

Anyway thanks to Viva Voluptuous, plus size women everywhere –in the UK at least, now have access to hand made, high end lingerie. And I mean real plus size women, as in sizes 16 to 30 not 12/14s.

At first glance, I was impressed with the amount of detail and the intricate designs on the lingerie. It shows that a lot of thought and time have gone into making them. So with Val’s day just round the corner, it’s time to get your sexy back ladies! Especially if you need comfortable lingerie designed to flatter and accentuate your curves.

Check out some of the designs from Viva Voluptuous. 

Shop Viva Voluptuous here.

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