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2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

It’s almost Christmas and I’m excited, not looking forward to the freezing weather and icy roads but the 2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book certainly puts a smile on my face.

Last year, I said the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book was the best luxury gift guide in the world and I still stand by that claim; it is 140 pages of pure luxury. If you get a gift from this book, you are definitely made up for the coming year.

Some of the luxury items in this year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Book include:

Bespoke Ferrari FF – $395,000



Hacker Craft Speed Boat – $250,000


Johnnie Walker Private Scotch Tasting Session – $5,000

Other gifts include a 2010 Jaguar XJL Neiman Marcus Supercharged model, a $250,000 two-seating ICON A5 sports aircraft etc. have a look at the super book yourself here…

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