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I must admit when I first got involved with Herbalife products back in December (2015), it was for weight loss reasons. 2 smoothies as meal replacements and a normal meal in the evening and watch the extra pounds fall off sounded good to me.
But ignore my lack of discipline to stick to the simple plan or my love of red wine, I found some excellent non – weight loss benefits to drinking a HERBALIFE smoothie.

I had more energy, mainly because I starting getting 6-7 hours of sleep compared to my usual 4 hours, prior to getting on Herbalife. But more importantly, I saw a huge improvement in the health of my skin, hair and nails which were strong, healthy, shiny and growing rapidly.

For the month and half I stuck to the Herbalife meal replacement programme, my hair grew at least 4 inches, it was strong and there were no breakage or split ends. As for my super soft and brittle nails which took forever to grow back whenever they broke – which was whenever I washed dishes, they were suddenly long, healthy and weren’t breaking every chance they got. - healthy-fingernails

I run out of Herbalife in February and the health of my hair and nails have gone downhill since then. Hair started thinning and shedding while my nails reverted back to being weak and brittle again. I read in the review of the 310 shake, a meal replacement too, that this is a common occurrence.

A little research on my part revealed why this was happening. Turns out two scoops of a Herbalife Formula 1 contains enough protein, minerals and vitamins to counteract all of the above and aid weight loss as well. 20 vitamins and minerals to be exact.

A typical smoothie contains 20 vitamins and minerals
A typical smoothie contains 20 vitamins and minerals

Needless to say, I am back on Herbalife Formula 1 smoothies and I won’t be allowing myself to run out again. The evidence of its effectiveness on the skin, not to mention hair and nails is too overwhelming to ignore.

So whether you are looking to drop some weight or get healthy skin, hair and nails, I recommend you try the Herbalife products. They come in different forms not just protein powder, there is skincare, pills and many more.

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If you’d like to buy a Herbalife product, contact me here for more information.

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