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Earlier this week, I popped into newly launched beauty bar, Blush + Blow in Fulham for the official launch of the beauty haven. I use the word ‘new’ loosely here because Blush and blow have been around for a few weeks now. But regardless of how new or old it is, I liked it instantly.

The layout, ambience and general feel of the place. There is just something magical about spacious, white rooms that gives off such clean and enlightened feel. I must admit I wasn’t prepared for how spacious Blush and Blow is, it’s spread over two floors. - Blush + Blow London - Blush + Blow London IMG_20160608_190709 IMG_20160608_191610 IMG_20160608_190813

Manicure Station
Manicure Station

Soon as you walk in, you are greeted by the spacious blow bar with its large mirrors so you can survey your hair from all angles when it’s being worked on.
And a little further down the hall is the nail bar, with a huge selection of Essie nail polishes and gels on display then there’s the sinks, kids playing area (B+B Bambino) and my favourite area in the entire place, the pedicure station with it’s comfortable chairs and gold basins and taps. Then there’s the private rooms downstairs for more extensive treatments.

IMG_20160608_185042 IMG_20160608_191849 IMG_20160608_190737

Pedicure Station
Pedicure Station

Blush + Blow is a standard beauty and spa that provides typical services you’ll find in many salons albeit a better looking surrounding and ambience. Treats start from £8 for a brow shape and the staff are super friendly.
There’s also a B+B BESTIE CARD, a loyalty reward card for clients to collects points and splurge on hair and beauty treatments.

Address: Blush + Blows 197 New Kings Road, Fulham, SW6 4SR
Tel: 0207 736 0430

Blush + Blow Launch Gallery

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