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Boots Colour Excellence Highlight Brightener & Instant Detox

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New hair brand Colour Excellence recently launched the Colour Excellence Highlight & Detox range to help highlights last longer and cut down on salon costs at London’s St. Martin’s Lane Hotel, and I went along to find out about the new products.

Launching exclusively into Boots from November, the Colour Excellence range is made up of three products – two highlight brighteners for blonde and brunette highlights and an instant detox which works on all hair types – highlights or not.

Purse friendly at £7.99, the range has been developed to salon professional standards for use at home to restore vibrancy and lustre.

The Highlight Brightener comes in two containers with antioxidant formulas which once mixed become hydraulically activated to deep cleanse the hair shaft and remove environmentally-generated oxidised films, as well as metallic and other surface stains so the hair highlights regains its salon brightness.

The instant DETOX works on both coloured and non- coloured hair. It restores health to hair that has been coloured for years, as well as deep-cleanses and detoxifies to improve colour vibrancy. For non-coloured hair, it brings back natural shine while restoring natural moisturise balance. It also promotes new healthy hair growth while its antioxidant formula deep cleans the scalp.

Colour Excellence contains natural ingredients including anti-bacterial green tea, scalp smoothing camomile and vitamin-rich cocoa bean.

Lifeandsoullifesyle.com - beauty blog Lifeandsoullifesyle.com - beauty reviewBoth Colour Excellence products are quite easy to use, once the highlight brightener is mixed together, you just apply to the hair, while the instant detox is ready to use right out of the box. Each pack contains one application.
Looks like Colour Excellence Highlight Brightener & Instant Detox is a no brainer if you want your highlights to last twice as long and cut down on salon costs.

RRP £7.99 .
Stockists: Exclusively at Boots from November 2015.

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