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This March, Japanese skincare and makeup brand DHC will be launching their Beauty Lift Series, a range of lightweight skincare products that hydrate, smooth and give the skin a ‘lifted’ appearance.

Already a hit in the US, the Beauty Lift Series has been proven to unveil smoother skin in seven days. Due to its lightweight and calming formula, the Beauty Lift Series is a refreshing alternative to heavier feeling anti-ageing skincare ranges already on the market.

DHC Beauty Series in detail

Beauty Lift Cream (£41)

This rich, intensive moisturising cream has a deeply hydrating formula which helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and promote firmer more lifted looking skin. The key ingredients are nourishing oat kernel extract and peptides. It is the perfect overnight moisturising cream.

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Beauty Lift Milk (£34)

Perfect for use after toning, the Beauty Lift Milk is a lightweight, milky- textured barrier – supporting moisturiser that gives a lifted look. The pentapeptide – 18, mevalonolctone and oat kernel extract minimises fine lines and gives smooth skin.

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Beauty Lift Essence (£35)

This hardworking serum is the perfect booster preparation for moisturising. This silky soft serum hydrates, fights fine lines and gives a smoother, lifted appearance thanks to the highly advanced formula of botanicals and peptides.

Lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Beauty Lift Essence

Beauty Lift Lotion (£34)

A soothing and hydrating toner to reduce the look of fine lines and prep the skin for moisture. The oat kernel extract in it provides vital moisture while mevalonolactone ensures the hydration is held in the skin. The ceramide – 3 included promotes barrier strength and pentapeptide – 18 improves fine lines and help minimize expression lines.

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The new DHC Beauty Lift Series hits UK stores on March 1 and is also available on the DCH website.

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