Dr. Zak’s launch new protein bagel

Multi-grain & seed bagel
Multi-grain & seed bagel

Some time ago, my friend who works at LA Muscle and I reviewed Dr. Zak’s protein bread and hailed it as a great alternative for those looking to cut down on carbs but are struggling to give up bread; the brand is back again with a new product – Dr. Zak’s bagel and we were lucky enough to get a sample to review.

Dr. Zak’s bagel has an extra 11g of protein (about the same as a chicken breast) in it. It also has no artificial colour, preservative or flavours, and contains 40% less carbohydrates compared to other bagels.

Taste wise, Dr. Zak’s Bagel is a multi-grain and seed bagel with the same consistency as a normal bagel. It is very high in fiber which we liked because it does keep hunger away for up till 5 hours.

We do like the bagel a little more than the bread because it is lower in calories compared to the Dr. Zak’s bread which is 301.9kcal per slice, the bagel comes in packs of 4, and is just 293kcal per bagel.

As mentioned earlier, this protein bagel it is fantastic way to cut out or lower your carbohydrate intake. It’s also great for athletes who need energy to workout longer and it helps with muscle repair.

High Protein + fibre
High Protein + fibre

Due to its high protein content, Dr. Zak’s protein bagel is better frozen, it lasts longer and fresher that way.

Nutrition per bagel: 24g protein, 6.7g of fibre, 27.9g of carbohydrate (4.2g of which is sugar), 293 calories.

Dr Zak’s bagels are now available from leading nutrition stores and gyms around the country, a pack of four bagels costs just £3.50.

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