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Guilt free healthy cakes

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At this time of year when most people are working hard to get in shape for summer, the idea of snacks or baked goods in particular are a no- no. But it’s a new world – I want to eat cake and lose weight at the same. That’s where Slim Sami’s Cakery comes in.

I’ve known about this healthy online bakery for a while but I’ve only recently tasted their wares and I wasn’t disappointed.

The healthy cakes from Slim Sami’s Cakery are hand baked, have 40% less fat and 25% fewer calories than the standard cake – music to my ears.

The key to these healthy cakes is that Slim Sami’s cakery only uses fruits and natural ingredients to flavour the cakes so we don’t have to calorie count or feel guilty when enjoying it.

The healthy cakes also come uniquely packaged in eye-catching cups to keep them fresher for longer – making them literally healthy cupcakes! And the decorative fruit on top makes it all the more irresistible.

I got to sample Berry and Jammy cakes, Lemon and Banana cakes as well as a Coffee cake – not all at once which took some restraint. A major highlight about these healthy cakes was that each Slim Sami’s healthy cupcake is between 162-188 kCal which easily fits into any healthy eating weight loss diet.

Also, having such delicious and healthy treats delivered straight to my door was convenient and made my day.
Want to try the healthy cakes from Slim Sami’s Cakery? Visit to place your order and the cakes will be with you the next day.

Healthy cakes from Slim Sami’s Cakery:

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New Additions

slim sami's healthy cakery

Yes, Sami’s Cakery have been busy experimenting with new flavours and adding to its product line. I received samples of their new additions at work with much delight. It’s always great to receive such lovely gifts in the post. As always it was beautifully packaged with the cupcakes and ribbons, it’s almost too cute to eat. The new additions include the following

Apple Crumble

Slim Sami's low calorie cupcake

Made from scrumptious Kentish apples with a spicy pinch of cinnamon, topped with a crumble. Low in fat and sugar which means low in calories but delicious all the same. I like the spicy twist – delicious!

Orange & Spice

Slim Sami's healthy cup cake

Made from fresh whole oranges, juicy raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg and flaked almonds. This really does put you in a festive mood. And the spices do warm you up.

TIP: Don’t leave these cakes laying around for too long or they will go mouldy as I learned the hard way.

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