Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Serum - Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Serum

Going in, this Hydraluron Moisture Serum had two things going for it – first, I never met a hyaluronic acid skincare product I didn’t like, and having tried and loved Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly, this product had a very low bar to clear. It was going to be judged on its texture and consistency as well as how absorbent it is.

Based on my previous experience with Indeed Labs, I already know they use high-quality ingredients and is paraben, colourant, fragrance and oil-free – all pluses in my book. - Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Serum
Dynamic duo – I often use these two together for ultimate hydration.

When it comes to the main ingredients in this Hydraluron Moisture Serum, the clue is in the name:

Hyaluronic Acid: A naturally found in the body that for the longest time has been the ‘IT’ ingredient in the skincare realm. It absorbs water like a sponge leaving skin fuller, plumper, and glowing. As a high-level hydrating substance, it holds 1000x its weight in water helping skin to retain collagen, increase moisture and enhance elasticity.

The other main ingredient is Red Marine Algae; a nutrient-rich mineral that stimulates cell turnover and circulation, boosting hyaluronic acid’s ability to penetrate the skin’s surface at a deeper level. - Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Serum
Clear in colour and gelish in texture.

This Hydraluron Moisture Serum is clear in colour and gelish in consistency which makes for an easy application. All that’s needed is a pea-sized amount to a cleansed face followed by a moisturiser of your choice. The skin absorbs it easily without leaving residue and pat dry. - Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Serum
All you need is a pea size amount.

At this point, I’m sure I don’t need to point out the MANY benefits of hyaluronic acid to skin but here we go:

  • It’s great for slowing the ageing process because it hydrates and plumps skin.
  • It keeps skin hydrated by holding 1000x its weight in water
  • It creates conditions for the skin to produce collagen
  • It improves skin texture and tone

I’m a firm believer in the idea that hyaluronic acid can help with most skin conditions. It’s my go to when my skin feels dry, it hydrates it in 24hrs. - Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Serum

Whenever my skin is irritated by over exfoliation or acids, I stop all products and revert back to a hyaluronic acid skincare routine – from cleansing to applying a hyaluronic acid infused SPF cream. All that hydration allows my skin to reset and heal itself in days.

Generally, I’ll argue that you need hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine and this Hydraluron Moisture Serum will fit in easily. Whether that routine is solely to boost your skin’s hydration levels, is anti-ageing, or is to brighten skin. This serum is easy to use and effective. It gets a thumbs up from me.

You can grab get this Hydraluron Moisture Serum here

At this point, I’ve tried the entire Indeed Labs Hydraluron range, I look forward to trying the retinol and Vitamin C ranges. - Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Serum
The Hydraluron Range


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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