Institute Esthederm Svelt and Sculpt systems

New Cellulite Fighting System:

Institute Esthederm Svelt and Sculpt system.
Institute Esthederm Svelt and Sculpt system.

Looking for a way to deal with stubborn cellulite? Institute Esthederm’s Svelt and Sculpt systems may be able to help.
The Svelt System combats cellulite whilst Sculpt System firms and hydrates the skin. According to Institute Esthederm, tests in 88% of women saw visible results in just 14 days.

Institute Esthederm’s Svelt and Sculpt systems come in four anti-cellulite serums:

Svelt System Aqua-Draining Serum: this has draining active ingredients and acts intensively on aqueous cellulite to encourage the elimination of excess water and helps smooth out the appearance of dimpled skin.

Svelt System Lipo-Slimming Serum: is a formula enriched with lipolytic active ingredients which is designed to treat fatty cellulite and acts intensively on dimpled skin to encourage the elimination of fatty deposits.

Svelt System Multi -Target Slimming Cream: is formulated to fight against fibrous cellulite and works by effectively restoring the structure of the supporting tissues to reinforce the skin’s elasticity. Its hydrating complex means that the skin maintains an ideal rate of hydration, leaving skin smoother and firmer.

Sculpt System Extra Firming Hydrating Lotion: is a dual action formula of anti-sagging moisturising milk combines intense moisturization and tissue maintenance. Its creamy, ultra-penetrating texture provides instant relief for all skin types and can be used alongside the whole range.

The Test:

Sculpt System Extra firming hydration lotion

svelt sys aqa


I received a bottle of Svelt System Aqua – Draining Serum 14 days intensive cure and Sculpt System Extra firming hydration lotion to put to the test. Both are required to be applied over affected areas once or twice daily.

Svelt System aqua – draining serum is a clear lotion that has to be applied to affected areas using upward strokes while the Sculpt System extra firming hydration lotion is milky in colour and has to be applied after the Svelt System aqua – draining serum to hydrate the skin.

Both lotions promise visible results in 14 days so I decided to give it a go for to see if there’ll be any reduction in cellulite and visible firmness to report.

I used them once a day after a shower, starting off with The Svelt System Aqua – Draining Serum and then followed with the Sculpt System Extra firming hydration lotion before applying my normal moisturiser.

You can go without the added moisturiser as the Sculpt System Extra firming lotion has hydrating qualities but I preferred to use moisturiser on top of the lotions because they get absorbed so quickly, I felt like I needed extra moisturising.

A few days into the test, I realised it does take a bit of commitment to apply the lotions not because it’s difficult but because incorporating it into my normal routine meant bath time took longer than usual. I had to apply two different lotions then my usual moisturiser and I found myself forgetting sometimes but I guess if you are serious about getting rid of your cellulite, you will put in the time.


The lotions are easily absorbed into the skin, there are no streaks or waiting around. Its light texture meant it was absorbed instantly so I could get dressed almost immediately after application.

I felt the effects immediately, especially in the case of the Aqua Draining serum, there was a tightening sensation as soon as I rubbed it into the skin which I guess meant it was working.

The system promises results in 14days but the lotions last longer than that. It’s been almost two months and I still have some left.

Before & After
Before & After

Results after 14 days:

  • The skin feels firmer.
  • Thigh muscles look and feel more defined.
  • There’s less visible cellulite and the skin especially around the thighs and bottom is less jiggly.

Thoughts: Svelt and Sculpt Systems does have an effect on the appearance of cellulite and making the muscles more toned and defined.

The results after just two weeks leads me to conclude that even better results can be achieved if accompanied with a healthy diet.

All products in Institute Esthederm’s Svelt and Sculpt systems range cost between £26 – £52 from

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