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Introducing… MELLO Watermelon Seeds


Snacking on seeds is nothing new, I never have a porridge or smoothie without topping it up with some nutritious seeds but snacking on watermelon seeds is a whole other ball game.

Which it shouldn’t be really when you think about it – we snack on so many seeds these days so melon seeds shouldn’t be a big leap but for some reason it was for me, initially.

But now, I can’t get enough of it. Say hello to Mello Roasted Watermelon Seeds. I just had to try it when it came to my attention.

I’ve also recently learned how nutritious watermelon seeds are, the National Institute of Health reports that MELLO’s Watermelon Seeds provide healthy doses of Magnesium + Vitamin B, Iron, Protein (34.1g per 100g) and Potassium which all contribute to brain functionality and reduce the risk of heart disease.

The fact that it has many health benefits, overriding traditional pumpkin seeds in a nutritional context is just impressive. It’s high in fibre, which lowers cholesterol, reduce risk of heart disease; potassium which is for maintenance of blood pressure, magnesium which is contributes to muscle function, iron which reduces tiredness + fatigue and protein contributes to growth in muscle mass + bone maintainence.

I got my hands on salted, dry roasted seeds and chili coated seeds which are right up my street as I don’t have a sweet tooth. They are perfect to snack on in between meals or on the go. I actually keep mine in my purse as they are so convenient.

I haven’t used it on my cereal or porridge but I will if I get my hands on plain watermelon seeds. But I like Mello a lot, it adds more flavour and a bit of crunch to salads too.

Want to try this crunchy nutritional powerhouse? It’s available at Holland and Barrett.



*This post contains PR samples unless indicated otherwise but all opinions are my own.

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