Introducing Shay and Blue White Peaches natural fragrance – Introducing new Shay and Blue White Peaches natural fragrance

Now that the dreariness of January is over, I have to say I’m looking forward to spring and for me, that means natural fragrance from Shay and Blue! Their fragrances are fresh, light and natural – perfect for spring and the build up to summer.

Shay and Blue is a London based boutique perfumery that creates fragrances using flowers, fruits and spices, and let me just say, there’s a lot I like about their new fragrance – White Peaches. When it comes to my preference in fragrances, I’m very extreme – it’s either very sweet fragrances, or very spicy, almost cologne – like fragrances and White Peaches fall firmly into the sweet category without being sickeningly sweet. – Introducing new Shay and Blue White Peaches natural fragrance

This new fragrance, White Peaches is a strange one because I attended the launch back in December 2018 but it doesn’t launch in stores until March this year although it’s been available on the Shay and Blue website for some time. I even added it to my Christmas gift guide, because it smells that amazing.

I know we’re a fair bit away from summer but this White Peaches natural fragrance invokes the essence of summer almost immediately with its delicate, fruity notes of soft ripe fruit balanced with refreshing elderflower granita. – Introducing new Shay and Blue White Peaches natural fragrance

Main notes

Top Note – Juicy soft peach exudes the essence of summer.
Heart Note – Cooling elderflower granita lifts the sweetness.
Base Note – Earthy silver birch wood lingers for a warm finish.

As always, the fragrance itself is housed in a smoky blue glass, comes in 100ml, 30ml and 10ml and is presented in a gorgeous box wrapped in the brands’ famous white and blue grosgrain ribbon. – Introducing Shay and Blue White Peaches fragrance

White Peaches natural fragrance is available on the Shay and Blue website.

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