John Bell & Croyden: A beauty addict’s playground

John Bell & Croyden have a lot going for them, they’re not only the oldest pharmacy in England (the first pharmacy was opened in 1798 on Oxford Street), they’re also the official pharmacist of the royal family, with a Royal Warrant to prove it.

They even have the special oil used to anoint monarchs in a secured safe on the premises. But don’t get any ideas it’s fiercely guarded.

That said, I’d heard a lot about John Bell & Croyden and couldn’t wait to get in there and explore, and I wasn’t disappointed. They’ve just renovated for the first time in 15 years and the brand new floor comes with a 1 hour delivery services via Amazon Prime Now to customers in London.

The pharmacy is now bursting with a bit of everything, exclusive products, the latest treatments, a comprehensive range of diet and super foods – from beauty to hair and fitness. You can even buy a rowing machine in store, yes there’re high tech sports and fitness equipment available.

The newly renovated pharmacy also has three treatment rooms and a walk in clinic for personalised treatments and individual consultations.

As I’m more interested in beauty, I naturally gravitated to the amazing beauty brands they have in store. I couldn’t help myself could I? Here are a few eye catchers…

Balmain Hair Couture: It was my first time encountering this so imagine my excitement. Inspired by the secrets behind trendy catwalk looks, the range is awesome and exclusive to John Bell & Croyden.

Soberbia Skincare: Another first for me, Soberbia is a Barcelona based skincare brand that uses the best ingredients in its anti-ageing skincare. Their products come in a box of African bubinga wood, decorated with 24-karat gold.

And of course there are well known brands like Alpha H, Vitage and Lola’s Apothecary. I also got some amazing brands to play round with:


Drop by John Bell & Croyden when you get a chance to explore to your heart’s content. The address is 50-54 Wigmore St, Marylebone, London W1U 2AU.

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