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Kéraskin Esthetics: skin diagnosis like no other.

Kéraskin Esthetics for truly personalised skin diagnosis.

Looking after ones’ skin can be tricky sometimes, it easy enough to know what skin type you are but knowing is just half the problem solved. Getting a product that will cater for what that skin needs is another issue.

Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, there’s a moisturiser or serum to cater for that but just as we are individuals, so are our skins and knowing your skin type doesn’t guarantee that the products on the market will cater for exactly what the skin needs.

What if your skin isn’t producing enough collagen or your pores are too large or have wrinkles? Products on the market these days cater for one aspect of the skin’s needs and not all of it, which is what makes the new technology from L’Oreal’s Kéraskin Esthetics so fascinating.


In just five minutes, a C. S. I. camera (Cell Score Identity) can take detailed images of the skin using 3D visualisations to test seven parameters of skin wellbeing such as hydration, lipids, sensitivity, pores, fatigue, density, and wrinkles; analyse it and come up with a diagnosis of what is wrong or lacking in your skin and make recommendation based on that.

A Kéraskin Esthetics expert then mixes a serum combination from the possible 462 different combinations L’Oreal has at its disposal to produce a targeted correction serum depending on what the camera prescribes your skin.

Having experienced the camera myself, Kéraskin Esthetics diagnosis system really is skincare diagnosis at the highest level.

I was impressed with how little time or effort it took for the C. S. I. camera (Cell Score Identity) to take skin deep images, analyse, diagnose and prescribe what the skin needs.

Even more impressive was how it takes into account all the elements of the skin and comes up with a tailored corrective recommendation.

No other skincare product on the current open market is that detailed or personalised. With Kéraskin Esthetics , you really get your money’s worth.

Kéraskin Esthetics is new and not yet available nationwide but if you need to find out what is going on with your skin and live in the London area, Leticia Haute Coiffure on Baker Street is one of the few places that offer this amazing skin technology.

Kéraskin Esthetics Serums
Kéraskin Esthetics Serums

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