KISS Nails & Lashes Name Pixie Lott Ambassador

I love KISS Nails! Just thought I’d put it out there 🙂

It’s saved me a fortune in manicures and it always ensures my nails are on point because there are so many options to choose from. Plus I have the attention span of an ant and sitting still for over an hour to get my nails done just isn’t me. So in a nutshell KISS Nails will always get love from me.

And while I don’t hold anything against KISS Lashes, I’m just not a lashes kind of girl. My eyes are too sensitive and I have too many allergies to play around my eyes. But I’ve only heard nothing but good things about it.

Like its nails range, KISS Lashes have an exquisite range starting with the Couture Faux Mink Collection – a knot free, weightless volume and curl with natural looking layers of soft faux mink Hair.

Then there’s KISS Blooming Lashes which uses multi angle technology to give full, defined lashes and last but not least, the KISS Looks So Natural Lashes which uses Tapered End Technology for its light and feather soft touch and feel.

Back to my favourite – KISS Nails. The new collection has been improved so they are now glue and damage free thanks to a new patented Super Hold Dual Layer Adhesive for optimal adhesion to the natural nail.

Along with the new and improved products, KISS announced singer Pixie Lott as the new ambassador of KISS Nails & Lashes with a lush pool party in London, last week.

I’m so excited with the new collection; it has gotten a lot more extensive so there’s so many options to choose from.

Here’s what’s new…

Gorgeous aren’t they? And it’s hassle-free – it can be put on or taken off in under 10 minutes. Now you know why I love KISS Nails so much. You can shop the entire new collection here.

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