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Diamond-studded saucepan a hit at Moscow Millionaire’s Fair 2010

Millionaire’s Fair a hit in Moscow
Apparently there is a millionaire’s fair and it happens every year in Russia. Actually not that shocking considering the number of millionaires Russia has.

What is shocking is why anyone will want to spend 150,000 Euros (about $210,500) on a diamond-studded saucepan. Sure it’s decorated with 18-carat gold and the handle and lid is studded with 270 diamonds but what is the use because it certainly can’t be used for cooking. The saucepan is the handy work of German cookware brand Fissler.

Other highlights from the show were an orange Lamborghini worth $729,000, a $150,000 glass piano, flash drive jewelry, diamond-studded hands-free phone sets and a German skincare line called BB Royal that comes packaged in containers decked out with 5,000 Swarovski crystals.

Also a Swarovski-encrusted mosaic by Australian artist Sharon Jones illustrating a child’s eye fetched $3 million.

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