New Absolut Crystal Pinstripe bottle

This is not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time vodka brand Absolut will produce a limited edition of its premium vodka in a special bottle.

The latest is this limited edition vodka in a hand-cut crystal bottle within a pinstripe case and called the Absolut Crystal Pinstripe bottle. I think at this stage it is safe to say Absolute is known for its quirky special edition bottles as much as it’s known for its premium vodka.

This latest instalment of limited edition Absolute vodka was created by Swedish designers Skogsberg & Smart who drew inspiration from ‘Savile Row both in the sharp, simple yet sophisticated elegance of the design.’

Only 800 bottles of the Absolut Crystal Pinstripe bottle have been produced and presented in a ”treasure chest” case, clad in a classic pinstripe fabric, complete with two crystal tumblers.

One thing is for sure the Absolut Crystal Pinstripe bottle won’t be around for long so get yours from a few selected global travel retail outlets this autumn .

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