A new favourite: Butter London Nail Treatments

       Butter London Nail Treatments Range

I love Butter London, their deep dark shade lacquers in particular but lately, I haven’t heard or seen a lot from the brand until now. I hear Butter London is making a comeback!

Think gorgeous, new trendy shades and even better, a formula that is new and improved. It’s also free from 8 nasties (formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene or TPHP) that really, we shouldn’t have in our nail lacquers, and new gorgeous packaging – very posh. So I’m paying attention again.

I’m however more interested in Butter’s new Butter London Nail Treatments. I have weak and brittle nails so I wear extensions any chance I get, and while they give an instant gorgeous manicured look, surprise, surprise, they are not great for my natural nails so I’m caught in a viscous cycle.

           Food for nails

Anyway, ever since I got my hands on these new Butter London Nail Treatments, I’ve decided to lay off nail extensions for a while. To give my natural nails a chance to bounce back. I can’t wait to try the new Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturiser as it has so many nutrients, check this out: Vitamin E for antioxidant protection, Tea Tree Oil to revitalise brittle nails, Keratin to promote stronger nails and Arginine prevents nail breakage to help nails look their best. Let’s just say, I’m looking forward to awesome looking nails in 4 weeks time.

Let’s take a closer look starting with:


I love these tinted moisturisers, they’re like skincare routine for your nails! It comes in 6 shades and has a new, revolutionary Micro Smart Active Technology called Sheer Wisdom which delivers controlled, time-released ingredients to lock in moisture and help repair nails immediately and over time. 

                  Tan – Sheer caramel with neutral tones.

Wear it on its own and watch your nails turn around with the infused nutrients and nourishment. 


These are 2-in-1 wipes designed to strip away old manis and prep nails for the next one – all with one wipe. Each wipe is designed not to tear or fray but effectively remove lacquer from all 10 nails. Each pack contains 10 individually packed travel friendly wipes. I like the simplicity and durability of it. I also found it very mild compared to normal nail polish removers which have strong smells. But be aware, it doesn’t work on gels.


This eliminates the need to clip and gently remove dry, overgrown cuticles in minutes. Regular use results in softer, healthier looking cuticles. I neglect my cuticles on a regular bases so you really don’t have to tell me twice, I love it already.

        Melts away cuticles

Just shake and apply to cuticles, leave it 2 mins and push back cuticles. 


This strengthens and fortifies fragile nails and prevent nail breakage with Butter London’s reformulated ultimate renewing treatment. It’s Infused with Horsetail Extract, Biotin, Vitamin B and Calcium to help repair damaged nails and protect against future damage.

              Prevents nail breakage.

With a name like Horse Power, you’ll expect nothing less than super strong nails 🙂 Just apply one coat to clean dry nails, and follow up with your favourite nail lacquer when dry.


This Topcoat extends the life of manicures with ultra-glossy topcoat reformulated with UV protection to prevent fading for stay true colour. It’s quick-drying, chip-resistant and leaves nails with a high shine, smudge-free finish.

    Chip and smudge resistant

As the queen of smudged nails, irritating manicurists everywhere, I love this.


This accelerates lacquer drying-time and prevent smudges with Butter’s innovative dry oil serum. It also contains Rose Hip Seed Oil which conditions cuticles for a healthy looking manicure. It’s essentially, a nourishing treatment for healthy and beautiful looking hands.

    Quick dry and nourishing 

I admit, I’m taken with Butter’s new Nail Treatments. Follow me on Instagram to find out how my nails are fairing with every use. The Butter London Nail Treatments retail from £15 and are available online and in beauty stores nationwide.

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