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New Kisai Seven Watch by Tokyoflash

Check out the latest timepiece from Tokyoflash, the Kisai Seven. It was designed by one of the company’s fan and created by UK designer Scott Galloway who drew inspiration from Tron.

Kisai Seven has to be one of the coolest watches I have seen in a long time but telling the time on it seems a little bit complicated. The inner ring shows the hours and the outer ring counts 5 minute blocks, there are L-shaped bars on the top and the bottom of the dial which show 1-4 minute modifiers, allowing you to figure out the exact time.

Kisai Seven has a plastic body attached to a polyurethane strap with a seamless butterfly clasp. It is available in white and blue LED versions and can be charged via USB, how cool is that?
Prices range between $99 and $139.

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