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The Organic and Natural Beauty Show 2014: Ice Cream

I was at the just ended Organic and Natural Beauty Show (13-14 April) at Olympia and as usual it was worth the visit.

The show is mostly a trade event but I always love to attend because there’s no place better to find out about the latest organic and natural food, drink and beauty products.

It’s also one of those shows where you come away feeling a little guilty because you could be eating healthier, making better choices and saving the environment all at the same time.

This year was a very good year with over 100 products launched, I wanted to share some of the products that caught my eye with you starting with alternative, mainly diary free ice cream after all, summer’s almost here and ice cream will become a main stay of the season. This post gives you all the different organic, natural and in most instances gluten free and low calorie iced desserts from the show, enjoy!

Jollyum non diary ice cream

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This luxurious ice cream alternatives is made from organic soya milk. Comes in four flavours: Double chocolate, maple and pecan, passion fruit and chocolate, summer strawberry.

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