Pasta Remoli put the sparkle back into Sundays

Last Sunday, I broke my tradition of staying in bed and reading other people’s work to go to Pasta Remoli’s buffet fete in Finsbury Park, North London known as ‘‎Aperi Pasta‬’. Not the most pleasant of journeys but I’m glad I went. Pasta Remoli is probably the most exciting foodie discovery I have made since spring!

The establishment is a restaurant that offers fresh handmade pasta on the premises to order. What makes it unique is that they make the pasta and sauce right in front of you once you have made a choice. That means of course your meal will take a little longer but hey it’s worth the wait trust me. Think freshly rolled, gluten free pasta made with a secret ingredient and rich mouth-watering sauce as you wait. I have to admit I know the secret ingredient but can’t tell you 😀

On the weekends – Sunday to be exact, Pasta Remoli transforms itself into a buffet paradise (‎Aperi Pasta‬) where for £12 you get a free drink and all the fresh pasta, salami, prosciutto, olives and everything the Mediterranean diet has to offer on tap. The bowls never run dry and you can eat till you drop. – Pasta Remoli – Pasta Remoli – Aperi Pasta‬ – Aperi Pasta‬

I’ll be going back to try Pasta Remoli, the restaurant at a later date but my first impression of Pasta Remoli the buffet heaven was great pasta and the red wine isn’t bad either. The staff were extremely friendly which is to be expected because of the famous Italian hospitality, they bend over backwards to ensure everything is to your liking. Delicious food, interesting crowd mostly Italian which is really a good sign because it is common knowledge Italians will only come if it’s good Italian food.

There was also some fantastic looking gluten-free desserts I’m dying to try. – Aperi Pasta‬ – Aperi Pasta‬ – Pasta Remoli – Pasta Remoli

The venue has a great atmosphere; the resident DJ kept the music flowing, the place was buzzing with activity and laughter. I must admit, it’s not a bad way to spend a Sunday night.

Pasta Remoli have other branches across London, including Finsbury Park and Westfield at Stratford City.

Aperi Pasta‬ 5pm – 10:30pm every Sunday at Pasta Remoli, Finsbury Park.

Visit for more information – Aperi Pasta‬ – Aperi Pasta‬ – Aperi Pasta‬ – Aperi Pasta‬ – Aperi Pasta‬ – Aperi Pasta‬ – Aperi Pasta‬ – Aperi Pasta‬ – Aperi Pasta‬ – Aperi Pasta‬ – Pasta Remoli – Aperi Pasta‬ – Aperi Pasta‬


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