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Personalised Leather Goods by George Esquivel

George Esquivel leather goods make great gifts. Sometimes it is hard to get that one of a kind Christmas present for a loved one, the idea is to give a gift that is unique to the person and has your personal touch.
Other than making your own gift which let’s face it ends in disaster most of the time, you can get a personalized gift with your own signature from George Esquivel.
Esquivel makes leather footwear in Orange County, California and can create tailor-made leather goods such as portfolios, computer cases, passport holders and notepads that bear a signature of its owner.
You can choose from a variety of colours and leather options including Norwegian or French calf, Italian kangaroo and vintage crocodile leathers.
The good news is not only are these personalised goods affordable, (costs between $1,500 and $3,000) it also takes six to eight weeks to be delivered meaning the time to pick up the phone is now, that is if you want yours on time for Christmas.

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